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Friday, November 22, 2013

These Guys Are Embarrassing Themselves

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
Mark Twain

Nearly every Dodger themed blogger has weighed in on the Kirk Gibson comments regarding how great his Diamondback organization is for having promoted the Australia series with two players, the team President and CEO. In the same statement he eluded to the fact that he believes the Dodgers, who he called “the other team” didn’t send any major players or administrative brass, and that they were disrespecting the game in the process.  Gibson's exact words were "are they too [expletive] good?"

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I'll just make a few points and then we can move on from this silliness.  The Diamondbacks have some serious P.R. issues and it starts from the top.  They have leaders that don't know when to shut up.  These guys are looking real unprofessional in the process.  I have taken some time to point out some of the gaffes that they have made in the last five months.  It wasn't even real difficult, everything is so recent.

The Arizona Diamondback organization...

* is made up of a bunch of babies that dream of creating a rivalry with the Dodgers.  They might as well try to drive a rivalry into their minds through words because they sure aren’t having much success doing it on the field.

* cannot generate fans.  If it wasn’t for the Miami Marlins, they’d be dead last in the National League in attendance.  They should be grateful to the Dodgers because when L.A. comes to town, Arizona’s attendance rises substantially.

* has an owner with an inferiority complex that is so extreme that he can’t stomach opposing fans wearing opposing teams colors in the premium seats behind home plate.  So he threatens to eject them if they don’t change shirts.  The man is so paranoid that he even has a disclaimer in the fine print of those premium seat tickets that does not allow you to wear opposing team gear while sitting there.  I challenge someone to sit in these seats, refuse to change gear, get ejected and sue the pants off this guy.

* couldn’t stomach watching the Dodgers celebrate on their home field, therefore leading them to instruct them to curtail their on-field celebration and take it to the confines of the clubhouse.

* became so “offended” that the Dodgers dared use their ridiculous pool for an impromptu division championship pool party that they whined and cried in social media for days and days after the event.

* has celebrity fans such as their state senator who had enough time on his hands after failing to keep the government from shutting down that he called the Dodgers  “no-class” and “overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats.”  This is the same guy that as of 2006 had a net worth of $40 million through political gain.  

* threw pitches at Dodger player’s faces and heads in June, prompting a brawl that was about as ugly as any seen in baseball in 2013.  In most cases, brushback brawls come about by actions of both teams, but in this case the D-Backs were head-hunting, while the Dodger pitchers were throwing at the body.

* has a General Manager that called out his own team for not beaning Dodger hitters in late season games in September.  Worst of all, MLB did nothing to sanction this G.M. for his comments.

* now have comments from their manager lauding the “class” of their organization and hinting that the Dodgers, by sending A.J. Ellis are too arrogant to send top tier players and management to promote the game.

I don’t know about all of you, but the rhetoric and banter coming out of the D-Backs camp is laughable.  It is really embarrassing, but with so much smack talking,  this is becoming the norm for this organization.  Derrick Hall and Josh Rawitch need to step up and put a stop to the stupidity.  I don’t really care if they do, but for their own self respect, they need to step up and show some class.   I feel for those guys.  First they had to work for Frank McCourt and now Ken Kendrick.  Talk about dumb luck.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers stay silent, which is what they should do.  Best to follow Mark Twain's advice, and then beat the D-Backs on the field.

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