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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Random Baseball Stuff that Has Very Little to do with the Current State of the Dodgers

Imagine cleaning out the house and discovering a giant sized Sports Illustrated magazine that is framed, in it is the SI cover showing your grandpa in his hey day, hurling a pitch to the plate during his Cy Young Award winning season, 1960.  Imagine your dismay that your 86 year old grandpa is about to throw it away, because he has no need for it anymore.

I’m glad to see that Dodger prospect, Adam Law, Vernon’s grandson, salvaged that historic piece of memorabilia.  Good ‘Ol Vern still throws a nasty assortment of breaking pitches and is known to throw some to his grandkids these days.  This latest episode that was tweeted by Adam makes me wonder though.  How much more cool stuff has Deacon tossed out over the years?  Someone get over there when spring cleaning takes place and salvage some other pieces of history!

Adam Law ‏@adamlaw217 30 Oct
Came across this poster-sized Sports Illustrated cover of my Papa while moving some of our baseball memorabilia #gem pic.twitter.com/B9VvyjBfnX 
 stuck behind a freezer at Papa and grandmas place. He was gonna throw it away. #youkiddinme


This video clip is absolutely hilarious and comes thanks to another tweet by Adam as he linked this video of the San Diego State University baseball team playing their annual Halloween night baseball game in full costumes.  Take a look at this video as you see players dressed as a baby in a diaper, a SD Charger cheerleader, Captain America, the Jamaican Bobsled team, Barack Obama, Peter Pan, A lifeguard with a rubber ducky strapped around his waist and more as they play all out baseball with some great plays as well.

Watch the cheerleader go deep with a shot to left and the baby in the diaper making some great picks over at third base.  Great fun!


With a lot of eagerness I’m watching Corey Seager for the first time in the Arizona Fall League All Star game.  Corey nubbed a grounder to second base to knock in the Wests second run of the night, by busting it down the line.  He’s the youngest player in the game at age 19 and he looks to have a polished look.  Think about it.  You’re 19 years old and playing in an all star game against the best minor leaguers in baseball, several that will break camp in Spring training on major league rosters.  The kid is poised.  Maybe a bit tired from the rigors of his first full season and overmatched, but this experience will be good for him.  The Dodgers have a gem in Seager.  It’ll be really interesting to watch him at Spring Training in a few months as he continues to progress.

(photo capture from MLB Network)



  1. I watched the AFL All Star game until the sixth inning. He is the youngest player in the AFl this year. Looks like a good one. Seager and Urias would be two absolutely don't trade guys.

  2. OK Evan, now you have every read thinking about going through Vernon's trash every week !!

    I have to agree with Harold, Seager and Urias should be untouchable. But expect to see Gordon, Lee, SVS and others gone if the Dodgers go after Price.

  3. Gary/Harold, Unfortunately I think Tampa will be asking for a lot more than Gordon, Lee, and SVS for Price. They'll probably be insisting on Urias, Pederson and Seager too. All the more reason to just back the money truck up to Tanaka's house and empty it out and keeping our best minor leaguers.

  4. That would be crazy Evan and yes I know they would ask for a lot. Such a trade would absolutely gut the already weak farm system and prove the management assertion to build a strong farm system to be folly.

    My feeling is that Seager and Urias are untouchable. Been a while since we had untouchables in the farm system.