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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Lying Starting Pitcher

(photo by USA Today)
Zack Greinke is a liar, and I don't mean that in a negative way.  I'm okay with that.  I’m glad he’s a liar.  I'm pleased that he's not a blabber mouth.  So many times we see players that talk too much.  Greinke is the polar opposite of that.  He gets it. Why tip your hand and let the opposition know about your situation?
Zack Greinke probably gets it moreso than any other player in the league.  He’s asked a question about his physical condition and you hear crickets chirping.  His silence is thunderous. Then when he speaks he gives no information out.  Some would call him a “bad interview.”  I call it a player that thinks in the long term.  A player that isn’t displaying the hand of cards he’s dealt.  It’s almost like a General Manager not publicly talking about his teams weaknesses or needs.  Maybe Ned could take a lesson from him.
Greinke provided almost no information to the L.A. Times’ Dylan Hernandez yesterday, LINKED HERE.  He said he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. (Yeah, sure Zack).  
He doesn’t know when he’ll throw again and what the future is in store for him.  (Totally believable, Zack)
He also said he didn’t know what the injection he received was for.  Nor how his arm is supposed to feel.  (Of course Zack, anytime we get fluids injected into our bodies, we have no idea what it is).
I'm telling you he’s lying.  He's lying through his teeth.  He’s giving out no information when you know deep down he knows exactly what’s going on in that $147 million arm of his.
The slightest hint that he was fibbing was at the tail end of his quote to Dylan Hernandez yesterday. “I don’t think I should be telling you too much information about what’s going on.”  (Now THAT was the truth).
Keep it up, Zack.  We'll read between the lines all the way to your 20th win this year.

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