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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here Come the Injuries

Photo by Paul Sancya / Associated Press

Ken Gurnick reports from Camelback Ranch that Dodger pitchers are coming up with injuries.  LINKED HERE

Geinke - elbow discomfort.  Bilingsley - groin.  Guerra - groin.  Matt Pamer - knee surgery. 

The Zack Greinke issue is the most concerning.  After the Dodgers invested $147 million to a pitcher that has never had arm issues in his career, is it possible that he’s “due” for one?    How much wear and tear is there on that elbow that has been taxed to throw over 200 innings for four the last five seasons.  In 2011, Greinke landed on the D.L. from a broken rib suffered while playing basketball.  He has yet to suffer a major arm injury and in these days where Tommy John surgery is about as common place as pulled hamstrings, I find news that he has a barking elbow to be troublesome.

Of course the Dodgers immediately announced that he has no ligament damage.   They also state that Greinke reports this to be a normal for him in the Spring. How many times have we heard similar statements before T.J. Surgery was required?  So for precautionary reasons, Greinke won’t start tomorrow.  

Chad Billingsley was stretched out for a more lengthy start his last time out and he has surfaced with a groin strain.  This is the same injury that he dealt with last year in Spring Training., so it probably isn’t too serious, but those things take time to heal, which might affect his work load progression.  

Suddenly having 8 starters battling to make the starting staff, (9 if you count Fife), doesn’t seem so crazy and the Dodger starting pitching doesn’t seem so deep.  With possible injuries to Bills and Greinke, an ineffective Ryu, and Lilly having limited appearances due to the flu and rainouts, the Dodger starting staff could possibly come down to Kershaw, Beckett, Capuano, Harang and Fife.   Who could have predicted that?

That's the reason you don’t trade off excess pitching before the end of Spring Training.

UPDATE: As of this morning, (3/11/13), the Dodgers reported that Zach Greinke is returning to Los Angeles to meet with team physician Neil El Attrache.  He complained of further elbow irritation when throwing on Sunday and the team is playing it cautious.

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