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Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Down, Nine to Go

The Dodgers broke even in Washington and Cincinnati.  An acceptable road trip by most standards, but not when you're running out of season and 3 games back from a playoff spot.
Adrian Gonzalez is congratulated by teammate Hanley Ramirez following his solo homer in the second inning of tonight's action. (photo by Jamie Sebau/Getty Images)

Adrian Gonzalez did what so many of us hoped he would do when he was acquired, carry the team offensively.  Hitting his first round tripper since his initial at bat as a Dodger in the second inning, Gonzalez repeated the feat in the top of the seventh inning to put the blue crew ahead for good.  

It was a 4 run seventh inning as the Dodgers had a string of two out hits to plate an additional three runs.  Clutch hitting by Luis Cruz, Mark Ellis and Andre Ethier was just what the doctor ordered and it was a good thing as the Reds came back with two in the bottom of the eighth off of Ronald Belisario, thanks to a throwing error by Dee Gordon.

Brandon League slammed the door in the ninth and the Dodgers left town on a high note.

They take on the Padres at Petco Park for their final two road games of the year before closing out the season with six against the Rockies and Giants.  I said that they need to be within 2 games of the lead when they return home and I still hold to that belief.  The Dodgers are going to need some help from the likes of the Houston Astros, who take on the Cardinals at MinuteMaid Park the next three days.  The Milwaukee Brewers can't be forgotten from the mix either.  the standings for the final position are as follows:

St. Louis        82     71     --
Milwaukee    79     73    2.5
Los Angeles  79     74    3.0

Games remaining: 
St. Louis  (away): Houston (3)
                (home): Washington (3), Cincinnati (3)

Milwaukee (away): Washington (1), Cincinnati (3)
                   (home): Houston (3), San Diego (3)

Los Angeles (away): San Diego (2)
                     (home): Colorado (3), San Francisco (3)

I really want the final three games against the Giants to mean something.  Run the table boys.  A ten  game string is NOT impossible.  One down, nine to go.

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