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Friday, September 7, 2012

Giant Lineup tonight

The Giants lineup tonight is as follows:

1) Pagan CF
2) Scutaro 2B
3) Sandoval 3B
4) Posey 1B
5) Pence RF
6) Belt LF
7) Sanchez C
8) Crawford SS
9) Lincecum P
 Brandon Belt and Cody Ross collide in the outfield during last years action. (photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images)

Belt will play his first game in left field since last season where he put up some unimpressive fielding stats, (.940 fielding % with a -8 UZR).   It's not his fault, he's a first baseman.   I only have one thing to say:  HIT THE BALL TO LEFT FIELD!

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