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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dodgers Press Release: 2013 Preliminary Schedule Announced

Wednesday, September 12, 2012                                                                            
Season will open at home on Monday, April 1 vs. San Francisco and features home dates against the Yankees and Red Sox

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced their preliminary schedule for the 2013 regular season. The team will open the season at home with Opening Day slated for Monday, April 1 against the San Francisco Giants. 

In addition to the first three games of the season, San Francisco will visit Los Angeles from June 24-26 and Sept. 12-15. The Dodgers conclude the regular season at home against the Colorado Rockies on Sunday, Sept. 29.

The Dodgers’ 2013 home slate once again reignites the historic Dodgers-Yankees rivalry as New York will visit Dodger Stadium just prior to the 2013 trade deadline on July 30 and 31. This will mark the Yankees’ third trip to Dodger Stadium since Interleague Play began in 1997.  

For the first time, Interleague Play will be spread throughout the regular season and several other notable American League teams will visit Los Angeles during the 81-game schedule, including the Boston Red Sox from Friday, Aug. 23-Sunday Aug. 25, the Angels on Memorial Day May 27 and May 28 and the Tampa Bay Rays from Friday, Aug. 9-Sunday, Aug. 11. The Yankees played at Dodger Stadium in 2004 and 2010, the Red Sox made their only trip in 2002 and the Rays have never been to Chavez Ravine.

For their road Interleague dates in 2013, the Dodgers will travel to Camden Yards (April 19-21), Angel Stadium (May 29-30), Yankee Stadium (June 18-19) and the Rogers Centre in Toronto (July 22-24). This season will mark the Dodgers’ first game in the Bronx since winning Game 6 of the 1981 World Series at Yankee Stadium on October 28, 1981. The two-game series will also be the first-ever regular season matchup between the Dodgers and Yankees at Yankee Stadium.  

The Dodgers will play at home on Jackie Robinson Day (Monday, April 15 vs. SD), Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12 vs. MIA) and Memorial Day (Monday, May 27 vs. LAA).

The Dodgers’ entire 2013 preliminary schedule can be found at www.dodgers.com, with an official schedule, game times and a full slate of promotional items to be announced after the conclusion of the 2012 season.

The Dodgers are currently accepting deposits for 2013 season tickets. For more information, visit www.dodgers.com/seasontickets or call (323) 224-1365.
Below is the 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers Preliminary Schedule: Shading indicates Road Game

Date                      Day                        Opponent
April 1                   Monday               SF
April 2                   Tuesday               SF
April 3                   Wednesday        SF
April 5                   Friday                    PIT
April 6                   Saturday              PIT
April 7                   Sunday                 PIT
April 9                   Tuesday               @SD
April 10                 Wednesday        @SD
April 11                 Thursday             @SD
April 12                 Friday                    @ARI
April 13                 Saturday              @ARI
April 14                 Sunday                 @ARI
April 15                 Monday               SD
April 16                 Tuesday               SD
April 17                 Wednesday        SD
April 19                 Friday                    @BAL
April 20                 Saturday              @BAL
April 21                 Sunday                 @BAL
April 23                 Tuesday               @NYM
April 24                 Wednesday        @NYM
April 25                 Thursday             @NYM
April 26                 Friday                    MIL
April 27                 Saturday              MIL
April 28                 Sunday                 MIL
April 29                 Monday               COL
April 30                 Tuesday               COL
May 1                    Wednesday        COL
May 3                    Friday                    @SF
May 4                    Saturday              @SF
May 5                    Sunday                 @SF
May 6                    Monday               ARI
May 7                    Tuesday               ARI
May 8                    Wednesday        ARI
May 10                 Friday                    MIA
May 11                 Saturday              MIA
May 12                 Sunday                 MIA
May 13                 Monday               WAS
May 14                 Tuesday               WAS
May 15                 Wednesday        WAS
May 17                 Friday                    @ATL
May 18                 Saturday              @ATL
May 19                 Sunday                 @ATL
May 20                 Monday               @MIL
May 21                 Tuesday               @MIL
May 22                 Wednesday        @MIL
May 24                 Friday                    STL
May 25                 Saturday              STL
May 26                 Sunday                 STL
May 27                 Monday               LAA
May 28                 Tuesday               LAA
May 29                 Wednesday        @LAA
May 30                 Thursday             @LAA
May 31                 Friday                    @COL
June 1                   Saturday              @COL
June 2                   Sunday                 @COL
June 3                   Monday               SD
June 4                   Tuesday               SD
June 5                   Wednesday        SD
June 6                   Thursday             ATL
June 7                   Friday                    ATL
June 8                   Saturday              ATL
June 9                   Sunday                 ATL
June 10                 Monday               ARI
June 11                 Tuesday               ARI
June 12                 Wednesday        ARI
June 14                 Friday                    @PIT
June 15                 Saturday              @PIT
June 16                 Sunday                 @PIT
June 18                 Tuesday               @NYY
June 19                 Wednesday        @NYY
June 20                 Thursday             @SD
June 21                 Friday                    @SD
June 22                 Saturday              @SD
June 23                 Sunday                 @SD
June 24                 Monday               SF
June 25                 Tuesday               SF
June 26                 Wednesday        SF
June 27                 Thursday             PHI
June 28                 Friday                    PHI
June 29                 Saturday              PHI
June 30                 Sunday                 PHI
July 2                     Tuesday               @COL
July 3                     Wednesday        @COL
July 4                     Thursday             @COL
July 5                     Friday                    @SF
July 6                     Saturday              @SF
July 7                     Sunday                 @SF
July 8                     Monday               @ARI
July 9                     Tuesday               @ARI
July 10                   Wednesday        @ARI
July 11                   Thursday             COL
July 12                   Friday                    COL
July 13                   Saturday              COL
July 14                   Sunday                 COL
July 16                   All-Star Game @ Citi Field
July 19                   Friday                    @WAS
July 20                   Saturday              @WAS
July 21                   Sunday                 @WAS
July 22                   Monday               @TOR
July 23                   Tuesday               @TOR
July 24                   Wednesday        @TOR
July 25                   Thursday             CIN
July 26                   Friday                    CIN
July 27                   Saturday              CIN
July 28                   Sunday                 CIN
July 30                   Tuesday               NYY
July 31                   Wednesday        NYY
August 1              Thursday             @CHI
August 2              Friday                    @CHI
August 3              Saturday              @CHI
August 4              Sunday                 @CHI
August 5              Monday               @STL
August 6              Tuesday               @STL
August 7              Wednesday        @STL
August 8              Thursday             @STL
August 9              Friday                    TB
August 10            Saturday              TB
August 11            Sunday                 TB
August 12            Monday               NYM
August 13            Tuesday               NYM
August 14            Wednesday        NYM
August 16            Friday                    @PHI
August 17            Saturday              @PHI
August 18            Sunday                 @PHI
August 19            Monday               @MIA
August 20            Tuesday               @MIA
August 21            Wednesday        @MIA
August 22            Thursday             @MIA
August 23            Friday                    BOS
August 24            Saturday              BOS
August 25            Sunday                 BOS
August 26            Monday               CHI
August 27            Tuesday               CHI
August 28            Wednesday        CHI
August 30            Friday                    SD
August 31            Saturday              SD
Sept. 1                  Sunday                 SD
Sept. 2                  Monday               @COL
Sept. 3                  Tuesday               @COL
Sept. 4                  Wednesday        @COL
Sept. 6                  Friday                    @CIN
Sept. 7                  Saturday              @CIN
Sept. 8                  Sunday                 @CIN
Sept. 9                  Monday               ARI
Sept. 10                Tuesday               ARI
Sept. 11                Wednesday        ARI
Sept. 12                Thursday             SF
Sept. 13                Friday                    SF
Sept. 14                Saturday              SF
Sept. 15                Sunday                 SF
Sept. 16                Monday               @ARI
Sept. 17                Tuesday               @ARI
Sept. 18                Wednesday        @ARI
Sept. 19                Thursday             @ARI
Sept. 20                Friday                    @SD
Sept. 21                Saturday              @SD
Sept. 22                Sunday                 @SD
Sept. 24                Tuesday               @SF
Sept. 25                Wednesday        @SF
Sept. 26                Thursday             @SF
Sept. 27                Friday                    COL
Sept. 28                Saturday              COL
Sept. 29                Sunday                 COL

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