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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ho Hum...Same Old Story

It's run the table with 10 wins or the season is over.  Considering that the Dodgers don't have a winning streak of over 6 games this season (and that was in May), it'll take a miracle.

The offense can't hit and even the national pundits from Fox are perplexed as to why.  Mat Latos pitched a great game today, so give him his props.  Maybe it was just running into a top caliber pitcher today.  It just seems that this ball club is always turning mediocre pitchers into good ones and good ones into fantastic ones.  Today was the latter I think.
Stephen Fife, a hard luck loser again (photo by AL Behrman/AP)

While chatting with others during the game on an on-line thread, one of the comments I found to be profound.  We were all griping at the non-existent Dodger offense and a commenter stated that he was still enjoying the season and the fact that the Dodgers were still on the tube and in contention, even if their chances were slim.  He added that this beats the off-season where we sit back and count the days until spring training.  Words couldn't ring truer.  As bad as this September has been, we still entered the day 2 games out and with an interest in September baseball.  Wait until November/December when we're searching for off season moves announced on the news.

So as we continue on with the season, word is that the Dodgers will make a pre-game decision about starting Clayton Kershaw.  Not a good move in my opinion.  My concern is that he'll injure his arm in an effort to overcompensate for issues with the hip.  All it takes is an bad adjustment in his mechanics and the next thing we have is a major arm injury.  Clayton should be shut down the remainder of the season.  It's not like his contributions will put them over the hump and into the playoffs.  They're 3 games out for the final wild card spot with 10 to play.

The Giants Melky Cabrera
So the Giants clinched tonight.  I'd offer them congratulations, but they played 2/3 of the season helped by the MVP caliber season of a PED user in left field.  Some may call what I feel "sour grapes."  I don't see it that way.  I want to see the game played clean, and in my opinion, their division title is tainted, just like their late 90s and early 2000's titles.  And just as Eric Gagne's consecutive saves streak is.

With the Dodgers not participating in post season play, I can at least take the anti-Giant rooting stance, which I will to an extensive level.  I know it's pathetic, but what else do we have?

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