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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Upcoming Event in NoCal:A Night to discuss the Dodger Giant Rivalry

For those of you in enemy territory, (the San Francisco Bay Area).  Mike Marshall, Manager/ Vice President of Operations of the Independent league San Rafael Pacifics, will be appearing at the Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, CA in an evening of baseball discussion on Wednesday evening, April 11th.  Accompanying Marshall will be his pitching coach, former Giant (and Asto and Red) Mike Lacoss.  Marshall has been managing in independent minor leagues for several years now, most recently as last year with the Chico Outlaws, the North American League Champs, where he got some national exposure by being involved in a brawl with Jose Canseco's team last year.  Most notably, former Oakland A's outfielder Tony Phillips.  linked HERE Mike Lacoss has been an associate scout for the Dodgers since 2009.

It should be an entertaining evening and it’s for a good cause.  Most certainly the topic of Dodger/Giant rivalry in the 1980‘s will be discussed at length.  Marshall is infamous in these Northern California parts for instigating a classic Dodger/Giant Brawl in 1987.  

Mike Lacoss
It was on April 17, 1987.  Marshall took umbrage to then Giant Manager Roger Craig disrespecting him and walking Pedro Guerrero to face him earlier in that series.  After homering in extra innings, while rounding the bases he pointed to Craig and the Giant dugout numerous times and then made an emphatic gesture as he crossed the plate.  What resulted was the next pitch being thrown over Alex Trevino’s head by Giant reliever Scott Garrelts and Guerrero went bananas.  The Candlestick crowd then got into it as they often did in those days, tossing beverages at players in the Dodger dugout and the ensuing chaos continued.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Marshall has to say about that evening.  There is no doubt that it’ll be a topic of discussion.  I have no idea what kind of turnout there will be, but I plan on going and reporting on the event.  There are few opportunities like this available for Dodger fans in the Bay Area.


  1. Evan, look forward to reading your recap of this event!


  2. Thanks, Martin. I'm hoping it is a decent event and that they open questions from the audience.