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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Different Twist on the Beach Boys/Dodgers 50 Year Celebration

The Beach Boys and Dodgers are celebrating 50 year anniversaries this year.  Today the Dodgers announced promotions that celebrate both L.A. institutions,  Dodger Website LINK HERE.  in that spirit I provide the one of the most ridiculous posts in the history of this Blog.  A positive Beach Boys spin on the upcoming 2012 season.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to see the Dodgers show a consistent winning form All Summer Long.  With a chemistry of Good Vibrations as they celebrate 50 years in Dodger Stadium, God Only Knows how the new ownership change will effect them the Summer Days and Summer Nights of the 2012 season  
As I contemplate the season In My Room in a state of Transcendental Meditation, I believe it is safe to say that the boys will be having Fun, Fun, Fun and Daddy Frankie won’t be trading the T-Bird away this time.  We know now that Frank’s profits In the Parkin Lot will be limited and out of his control as Magic and Co. move into the club level offices.
Bleacher Beach is no more, but there will continue to be Good Vibrations as the Dodgers Wipe Out the competition.  San Diego will have a winning percentage of about .409. Don’t Worry Baby about the Defending Division Champion D-Backs, cuz Momma Says they won’t repeat.  By June, around Graduation Day, the Rockies will have fallen out of contention. Giant fans will be lamenting the day that the Blue Crew Catch a Wave of momentum and run away with the pennant.
So Help Me Rhonda, Barbara Ann and all California Girls Dodger fans.  We’ll Dance, Dance, Dance our way to the Fall Classic.  By the time we celebrate a Blue Christmas this year, the Man With All the Toys will we be saying “Do You Remember” a season of heroic performances.  Right about then the front office will Get Around to signing top notch free agents that’ll set us up for years of Fun, Fun, Fun in the seasons to come.


  1. Replies
    1. What Ron, you didn't like this posting. I guess I should have stuck to the oeiginal verse that referred to a certain Giant pitcher as "Surfer Girl," but that was crossing the line a bit.

  2. It was actually a very clever and creative post, Evan; but who on earth could you possibly be talking about as the Giants' Surfer Girl pitcher - hahaha!

    I HATE the Giants!

    1. Well it isn't Guillermo Mota, that's for sure.