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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning for the Dodgers...A Complete Demo for Me

There are a few times a year when my TV service goes out.  Usually when my wife gets a wild streak of Spring cleaning and what starts as a simple top to bottom cleaning of one room in the house turns into a full blown remodel.  This has happened to me more than once and that’s what happened in my Den/family room yesterday, where my main DirecTV receiver sits.
A reconfiguration of furniture and a top to bottom cleaning has turned into :
*Removal of all furniture from the room including pictures, frames, curtains, curtain rods and fire place fixtures.
*Removal of pop corn ceiling and scraping that clean, (which, by the way, is about as fun as getting hit in the privates by a Stephen Strasburg fastball). 
*The installation of recessed lights, (another joy of life that takes up the huge portion of a day).
*Ceiling texturing and a full blown paint job.
*Disconnection of television and audio system. 
The direct result of this project that was unexpected to me has been an entire weekend that is shot,  A tired, tired frustrated man and a loss of t.v. connectivity to the entire house.  Meanwhile dust is everywhere and I’m now about $400 poorer than when this “room cleaning” began.  For those of you impressed with my home improvements skills I will admit that my son-in-law has the brains and brawn in these types of progress, not me.
Why bring it up?  Well, this all makes it kind of hard to write anything meaningful when I CAN’T WATCH THE GAME, nor do I have much time to log on.  But thank goodness for MLB.TV subscription, and the fact that my wifi network is located in another room, (& another $25 bucks), I was able to get my peaks in yesterday to see Kemp mash again, Dee Gordon break out of a slump, James Loney homer for the 1st time this year, Andre Ethier drive in two runs and Clayton Kershaw earn his first win.

Kershaw glares in at Home plate umpire  D.J. Reyburn, who had just notified him that he had gone to his mouth too many times in the 7th inning.  Kershaw threw 104 pitches over 7 innings of shutout ball, striking out 9 Astros in the process.
I said going into this road trip that a 4-2 record would be a success.  A win by Billingsley will accomplish that lofty goal.  Word is out that the reason for Eovaldi’s short minor league stint in Chatanooga the other day was because Bills felt some soreness in the groin area after his last start, but his Friday bullpen session alleviated some of the those fears and he is on track to go for his third win of the season today as the Dodgers close out the trip.  Jim Peltz's L.A. Times Notes Linked Here
Another weekend of “general soreness” in this 50 year old body.  Time for me to go on the D.L.  Isn’t that right Mike Marshall?



  1. I understand what you are saying. We go through the spring cleaning ritual every year. This year, painting every room, upstairs and down, putting up new light fixtures, not recessed, and exhaust fans in the bathroom, recessed in ceiling. Still have finished rooms in the basement to do when we return from Bangor.

    The spring cleaning does interfere with important things, like the Dodgers and playing outside.Oh well.

    Glad to hear Bills isn't injured. Church supper to work at now so will be away for 4/5 hours. Not a good start. Errors kill you. You guys take care of Dodger business for me.

  2. "*Ceiling texturing and a full blown paint job."

    I had to read that one several times VERY carefully to make sure that I read it correctly.

  3. Ha...I really need proof readers before posting stuff. One of these days I'm going to put something up on this blog that will get me in a world of trouble.

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