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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Announcement Today, I Join Forces with ThinkBlueLA Blog

For the last couple of months, I have been keeping an announcement under wraps, but the time has come that I don’t need to keep it hidden anymore.
The ThinkBlueLA message board and forum has converted into a full blown blog.  It took a few months for them to work out the wrinkles and create their format, but today, April 17, 2012, it was formally launched.  Linked HERE
I bring this up because that site’s creators, Ron Cervenka and Scott Harvey have asked me to be one of the featured writers over there.  I accepted the invitation because I believe in their passion and I am familiar with the participants to their forum, a true hodge podge of Dodger savants.  Those guys want to develop a top notch blog/site.   They will put in the time and I strongly believe that "www.ThinkBlue LA.com" will be a “must read” for all credible Dodger fans out there. 

Blogger Softball Tourney, OKP teammate Rob Robinson chats with Ron Cervenka during a rest between games.
I received the invitation from Ron to join forces with them during the first week of Spring Training.  He called me at 7:00 am one Saturday morning I believe and rambled off with excitement his ideas from the Camelback Ranch Paring Lot. Frankly, I was quite flattered that he wanted me to be a writing contributor.  He said some very nice things about my writing style and Dodger knowledge.  If you have ever met Ron, you’ll see he can really talk a mile a minute when he’s excited.  I had been asked before to work on another blog, but I was leery with what they were demanding of me and I had concerns about my own site.  With ThinkBlueLA, this seemed to be the right fit.  Plus he agreed that I wouldn’t be tied to deadlines and that I could keep the OKP site up and going.
Ron is about as passionate a Dodger fan as I have ever met.  He knows his stuff.  He attends all games.  If the Dodgers are out of town, he’ll go follow the Quakes at home or on the road.  Baseball is truly his high.  And the only guy I can think of that is as passionate as he is would be me.  But I’m not at his level by a long shot.  I’m stuck in Northern California and I’m not retired yet, so the jealousy that I have for Ron is stratospheric in nature.  I look at my retirement date (now about 8 years away) and see myself doing the same stuff he’s doing.
So it’s going to be a balancing act.  I’ll post over there and post here.  I will do everything with my limited free time to get this juggling act going.  To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how it’ll work, but it will be exciting nonetheless.  The Dodgers are giving us plenty of topics to write about.  Take a look at his site, register as a contributor to his forum.  They have quite a following that proves their slogan, that they actually do have some of" the most passionate Dodger fans in the world."

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  1. Thanks for your kind words and, more importantly, your friendship, Evan. I look forward to sharing many years of thoughts, stories, and opinions with you, my friend.