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Friday, April 20, 2012

And the save goes to...Jerry Hairston Jr.

Jerry Hairston reacts after throwing out Alex Gonzalez to end the 8th inning (AP Photo)

Watching games late.  It seems to be my M.O. lately due to the crunch at work.  But today's DVR recap that I just finished reviewing was very rewarding.  Jerry Hairston’s impression of Brooks Robinson was about as accurate as any I have ever seen.  Two clutch plays.  One to preserve the tie in the 8th and the second to record the first out in the ninth.  Simply clutch plays.
The save on the books goes to Javy Guerra, which was well deserved.  A fine recovery for the Dodgers closer after the loss he took two nights ago, BUT in reality, the true save goes to Jerry Hairston Jr., with that amazing defensive gem in the bottom of the eighth.
Jamey Wright admitted that his bullpen session was awful prior to entering in the games 7th inning.  What followed even surprised him, five consecutive strikeouts.   "It usually takes me two months to get that many strikeouts," he told Dodger beat writer Ken Gurnick.  (Linked HERE) 

Inspired by the fact that the day was his mother's birthday, Wright had his best day as a Dodger, but it took the heroics of Hairston to save him in the ninth.  Alex Gonzalez absolutely tatooted Wright's first pitch to him down the third base line.   Hairston simply picked his pocket and threw him out with room to spare from his knees.

What is all forgotten with the talk of Wright, Hairston and Guerra's heroics is that Matt Kemp's amazing start continues.  His solo shot in the top of the fifth was the difference maker in the game.  It was Kemp's 7th homer and 18th RBI on the year.  Both lead the majors.  Matt continues to be the talk of the league, as he so deserves.


Today, in a brief conversation I had with Ron Cervenka from Think Blue LA and we came to the same conclusion:  Eric Stephen is amazing at what he does.  His latest post provides information on an interesting development in the Dodgers Minor Leagues.  Are we possibly going to see Nathan Eovaldi in the majors soon?  If not, there is certainly an interesting development on Eovaldi (and a cautious one at that), for the Dodgers.

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