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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Toss Up

By the time this post is up, the MVP award will already have been announced.  Whether its Braun or Kemp that win it, they are both deserving of the honor.  Many argue about who has superior offensive stats.  The end result is that they are both almost identical in many offensive categories.  BA, XBHits, RBI, HRs, OPS, Slg wOBA, VORP, OBP, Runs, SBs, you run the numbers...those guys were neck and neck.  Then you look at the defensive stats and Kemp may get the nod for playing CF vs. a corner.  Braun gets a nod or playing the season in a pennant race and his teams Division Title.  Then you have to say that Kemp’s offensive numbers are more impressive for having played in a pitcher’s park like Dodger Stadium instead of Milwaukee’s Band Box.
Every time I think Kemp has a sure lock on the award, a Braun supporter jumps in with different points that make me think the award is going to the Brewers left fielder.
I can say this though.  Matt Kemp had a dream season.  It was the type of year that we dreamed of out of him ever since the days he was having trash can wars with Jeff Kent.  The tools came together this year.  The focus was there for 162 games.  When he hit his stride, Kemp was Secretariat in the home stretch.  With few games left and 8 or 9 homers to reach the 40 plateau, Matt went on an unexpected run and just missed the mark by an at-bat or two.

Logan White is pure genious.  Kemp and Kershaw are proof of that.  Particularly Kemp, who was drafted in the 6th round after hundreds of players went before him.  Hopefully the new ownership realizes what a gem Logan White is and continues to keep him on the payroll in the same or even higher capacity.
UPDATE:  The BBWAA announced Ryan Braun as the National League MVP at 11:00 AM PST.  Braun collected 20 of the 32  first place votes that were cast. Braun finishes with 388 points to Kemp's 322.  Phillies pitcher, Roy Halladay, who  finishes second in the Cy Young Award voting cast by the same organization finished ahead of Kershaw for the MVP vote in 9th place.  Now THAT makes a lot of sense.  About as much sense as Ryan Howard getting some votes.

Interestingly, SF Giants flagship station (KNBR) is saying that Kemp got robbed.

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