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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Peter O'Malley Interested in Returning. A Perfect Transition Back to Where the Dodgers Should Be

So Peter O’Malley reads the Dodger blogs.  I wonder if he read my post about his nephew back in July.  I sure hope so.  For those of you that missed that posting, please read it.  I believe that Tom Seidler, Peter O’Malley’s nephew, is the man that eventually should be running the Dodgers.

Tom Seidler, Owner of Cal. League's Visalia Rawhide
A return of the O’Malleys to Dodger management would be the perfect transition that would allow Tom Seidler to take over the club after a few years.  I’m telling you now, Tom is the man that should eventually be running the Dodgers.  He knows the organization from the ground up.  He was raised in the Dodger fold.  He has worked everywhere from parking to grounds crew, to laundering uniforms, to coordinating travel, to marketing in the minors, to running a successful minor league franchise.
This is a man that has been groomed to run the Dodgers for years and unfortunately for all of us, when the family sold the business, his legacy and birthright was interrupted.  Did he leave the business and pursue other interests?  No, he simply pursued his love of the game at the lower levels in the minors.
Tom has the business sense.  He has the ability to connect with the business community.  He possesses the knowledge of minor and major league operations.  If his uncle returned to the helm of the Dodgers, Tom could slowly be groomed into the eventual leadership of the franchise.  I sincerely hope that is the path we see with the ball club’s future.

My fingers are crossed.  This organization needs the O'Malleys back in control.  I'm hoping the in the back of Peter's mind, he's got this plan to take over the club and turn the reigns over to the next generation of family again.  Yes, family ownership can return to Dodger baseball...and it'll have nothing to do with the McCourts either.

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