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Monday, November 7, 2011

Softball Tourney / Melky to Giants / Dodger Stadium Talk

I have noted that several other blogs are publicizing the Dodger blog softball tournament that will be held on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012 at the Field of Dreams complex in West Covina.  Mike Brown  from the The Left Field Pavilion  has organized it.  Though I have verbal commitments from several possible players, nothing has been firmed up.  So I put this message out there.  Those readers wishing to participate are welcome to sign up.  I’ll pay the fees for the first 14 that sign up.  So please do so if you are interested.

Another Awesome piece of artwork from www.thelfp.com, the OKP blog will be represented with a team, feel free to sign up if interested.

It’s for a good cause, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. and there are upwards of 16 blogs being represented, some more that one time.  Every time I look at thelfp.com, there are more teams represented.  This is a great idea and something that I am really hopeful the Opinion of Kingman’s Performance Blog represents well.  (Not necessarily with a winning product on the field, but with a fine participation in the event).  This will be a fun day and a great opportunity to hob-nob with readers and participants of the many Dodger related blogs out there.
Newest San Francisco Giant, Melky Cabrera
The Giants obtained Kansas City outfielder Melky Cabrera today for starter Jonathan Sanchez and AA left handed starting pitcher Ryan Verdugo.  This deal is already being advertised by the Giants on their flagship radio station with a “Welcome Melky Cabrera” messages.
Sanchez had a lackluster, injury plagued 2011 season and was the number 5 starter on the Giants staff.  He was a key component to the Giants stellar 2010 starting rotation and is the last San Francisco pitcher to toss a no-hitter.
Verdugo spent all of 2011 in Double A where he started 25 games and tossed 130+ innings.  An LSU Alum and up and coming starter, his lifetime minor league stats include  300 strikeouts in 234.1 lifetime innings.
Melky Cabrera is coming off his best season as a pro.  The 27 year old batted .305 with a .334 OBP.  He hit 18 homers and drove in 87 runs for the Royals.  He is seen as a possible leadoff hitter for the Giants having stolen 20 out of 30 bags and scoring 102 runs.  His range factor has deteriorated over the years, so it’ll be interesting how he handles all that real estate in the Phone Bill Park’s massive centerfield.
There has been a number if Dodger blogs that are addressing the possibility of the new owner coming in and either razing or completing a massive restoration of Dodger Stadium.  I am in agreement with Howard Cole at the OC Register that there is no need for this to occur. Dodger Stadium continues to be a jewel of a ballpark that really just needs some minor upgrades, mainly in the restrooms and concessions, that won’t be overly expensive.  

One thing that really pleases me about the McCourt departure is the fact that a retail center and parking structure will not be constructed beyond the outfield pavilions.  One of the greatest features of Dodger Stadium is the gorgeous back drop beyond the outfield walls of the rainbow of colors that appear as the sun sets and the silloutte of the San Gabriel mountains paints that unbelievable picture as a backdrop.  Oakland lost that when they built those seats for the Raiders in the late 90’s.  That ball park was ruined by that change.  I know that Oakland's Coliseum is a dump, but the Oakland hills was the best feature that place had.  Now it's jus a concrete bowl with little to see aesthetically.

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