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Friday, October 4, 2013

Game 2 Loss Stings, Ryu Goes in Game 3...Unless (Read on)

As the Dodgers head back to Los Angeles to take on the Braves at home for games three and four, the second guessers are having a field day reviewing Don Mattingly's in game decisions.  I'll admit it.  There were some very questionable moves that didn't pan out and this was a very winnable game, but aside from Hanley Ramirez the offense was AWOL for this contest.

Ten hits, seven left on base and three rally killing double plays did the Dodgers in.  We can argue that Dee Gordon was safe on the ninth inning attempted stolen base until the Dodgers come home, but honestly the call could have gone either way.  Enough photographic evidence has been presented that shows he was out as much as there has been evidence that he got his hand on the bag first.  The Braves got the home advantage call and it's over and done with.

There are other things to be concerned with as Ken Gurnick reports today on Dodgers.com that Hyun-Jin Ryu has been wearing a compression sleeve on his left elbow all week. (LINKED HERE) His bullpen session on Friday was watched closely by team doctor Neal El Attrache and manager Don Mattingly.  Apparently, Ryu normally doesn't throw bullpen sessions between starts.  So what does all this mean?  Why is the team doctor watching a bullpen session if everything is normal?  Was the session to get Ryu some work due to the week long lay off, or is there concern that something isn't right with him?  Will we maybe see Edinson Volquez added to the roster because of an injury or an emergency start by Capuano?

Nobody is talking from the team and all reports are that Ryu is fine, but how many times did we hear that this season?  Probably about every time Matt Kemp went down with an injury.  Or when Ethier hobbled off the field with an ankle problem.  Or when Crawford's back acted up, (or was it the hammy).   Or when Hanley tweaked his back.   Beckett, Billingsley, Tolleson, Elbert, Mark Ellis.  Go through the roster.  Team management originally painted a rosy picture to almost all of their injuries.  So color me skeptical when I read that the team physician is watching Hyun-Jin Ryu throw a bullpen session and then the Dodgers say nothing is wrong.  It would be ridiculous to believe the Dodgers whenever they report about a player injury, (or non-injury).  

So I hope my concerns are for naught, but the recent "no-news" regarding Ryu's health is startling to me.  Ryu reported to the press that he was wearing the sleeve on his elbow to "keep (his) arm loose."  Backup catcher Tim Federowicz, who caught his bullpen session, described Ryu's stuff as "crisp."  If we hear nothing more of it tomorrow or Sunday morning, I guess I'm just a rumor monger spreading panic.  Sorry about that, but we've seen too much on the injury front this year to believe Dodger management when they say everything is okay.

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