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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dodgers - Probably the Most Popular Choice of the Remaining World Series Contenders

With four teams remaining in the running for the World Series, believe it or not, he Dodgers may be the team that most of the nation is pulling for.  That is almost unfathomable to imagine as the Dodgers were always one of those teams that the opponent has always loved to hate, but recent history has changed that.  Additionally, the other three remaining teams in the race have had a lot of success in recent history.

St. Louis, Detroit and Boston  have made appearances in the fall classic at least twice in the past decade.  The Dodgers with their two NLCS appearances in ’08 and ’09 didn’t even come close to a World Series birth as the Phillies dominated them in each of those series.

After a 25 year absence from the World Series, it is the Dodgers that actually would be the interesting team to see there.  First of all, since they are such a storied franchise with historical impact that hasn’t been to the big dance since grainy footage of it was filmed.   Additionally, there's a lot of star power and interest in the Dodger lineup that many want to see.  The Dodgers are the team that will make this series more interesting for the average fan across the country, regardless of their record setting payroll.

Certainly it isn't the Cardinals that fans want to see.  No offense to that great franchise, but they have been in this position a lot lately.  A Cardinals-Tigers series would be 2007 and 1968 all over again.  Been there, done that.  A Cardinals-Red Sox series?  Same thing, 2004 an 1967.  There isn’t the mystique there as there would be with the other two possible matchups.

A Dodgers-Tigers Series would be quite an interesting spectacle.  Such potentially great pitching matchups with Scherzer,Kershaw, Verlander,Greinke, Ryu, and Sanchez are all intriguing.   The Tigers would definitely have a message to send that their World Series dud last year against the Giants was a fluke.  The Dodgers on the other hand are definitely  hungry to win a title again and shut up the detractors.  This would be a good show.  

The Classic of all Fall Classics

(Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP)

Imagine a Dodgers-Red Sox Fall Classic, what a historical World Series that would be. 1916 all over again.   That will be a memorable series from the get go.  So many side stories, i.e. Lakers/Celtics history and fierce rivalry and Magic being a minority owner of the team.  Then there’s the blockbuster deal made last year that helped both clubs to the point that they’re both facing each other in the championship the next season.  It would be a World Series for the ages and count on it being a lot more interesting series than the three game set at Dodger Stadium back in August.

With apologies to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who seemed to be a national favorite due to their underdog status.  Any World Series with the Pirates was not desirable to network television that looks at the ratings factor that the World Series brings.  Such a series between Boston and Los Angeles would be the dream of Fox Sports Television executives.  Those markets would probably create record setting TV ratings.

The Dodgers are in the second largest media market in the country.  The Red Sox have the 7th largest amount of TV homes, (that are more baseball crazy that probably any other market in the nation).  The result will be the best World Series television ratings since the days the Dodgers and Yankees battled in ‘1977, 1978 and 1981.  (* according to baseballalmanac.com, the highest rated World Series in baseball history for television was the 1981 series, and next highest was 1978).

Last year’s Tigers-Giants series was the lowest rated in the past 40 years and baseball needs this rebound of interest.  A Dodgers-Red Sox series will infuse that energy in the fan base on a national basis.  It is the Dodgers that average the highest road attendance in the game and the Red Sox aren’t far behind (2nd in the A.L behind the Yankees).  These two teams have fans all over the country and would generate a lot of interest in all sectors.  Add the star power that each franchise takes to the fall classic.  Hanley Ramirez, David Ortiz, Yasiel Puig, Dustin Pedroia and the Clay’s (Bucholtz and Kershaw).  There’s a lot of intrigue  that is generated with such names.  Each venue, Fenway and Dodger Stadium is an amazing ballpark with a great atmosphere.

There’s another series to be played, and we are a long way from it happening, but I think its safe to say that most baseball fans following the game are rooting for the Dodgers to make it to the big dance.  As polite and classy as the Cardinal fan base is, fans want to see something new in the fall classic.  The Dodgers will bring that.  A couple years from now, most will probably be tired of seeing the Dodgers there, but for now, they are an attractive tenant to occupy the World Series.

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