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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Latest Fashion Trend

Baseball has it’s fashion swag, probably more than any other sport.   It can be trendy and fashionable.  Sometimes we cringe at the newest modes and other times we can find them as cool as all get out.  The latest craze from the Dodger dugout comes straight from the hottest hitter in the game, so who can argue with Hanley Ramirez, ‘cuz it’s working.

Welcome to the unbuttoned look, Hanley-style.

I get it.  It's something new.  It's different.  It's got flair and I could see it catching on.  As long as the team is winning, he could put his shirt on backwards for all I care.  And at least he has a shirt underneath.  I can see this trend catching on, especially as the winning continues.

We’ve seen them all.

From the cap with the straight brim, ( a ridiculous look, in my opinion)

To the sideways cap fresh out of a gangsta video.

To the pants worn low that are actually tucked under the shoe.

The fads come and go, but this latest Hanley one may have brought on a winning trend.  Who can argue with 24-6 out of the last thirty games.  As late as last year, Hanley went with the buttoned up look.  

But but not now.  Be watching for the unbuttoned look to lower itself to the navel, especially if he keeps hitting as he does.

And the trend is catching on.  Puig...



Hey, even the skipper is going along with it...

Call them the Unbuttoned Bunch.  Or maybe the Beloved Unbuttoned Bums.  Whatever it is, if it works, keep unbuttoning.


  1. Evan - I hate the sloppy pajama look in uniforms and the wide brim on hats. Paco has a rather wide brim look on his hat.

    I don't mind the jersey open at the top.

    The guy who wears his hat as well as any in my opinion is Ted Lilly.

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