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Sunday, July 21, 2013

9-2 Win Over Nats, Insert Expletive Here ~> "_____"!

Want to know how you ruin a 3-game sweep of the Nats and winning string of 20 out of 25 games?    Here's how.

Wow,  I could write a ton of stuff about the happenings in today's game, but I've got to go to work on this Sunday afternoon.  I'll just say this.  Matt Kemp had a great come back going 3 for 4 with a homer and three RBIs.  His injury in the 9th could have been avoided had he simply ran hard on the play from the get go.  No, I don't blame Mattingly for not pulling him from the game.  Kemp is a major leaguer and he should know how to properly run the bases without injuring himself.  

Regardless of how the 9-2 Dodger win ended.  It's nice to be in first place, if not just for a few hours as all depends on the Giants-D-Backs outcome.  Preliminary reports out of the Dodger clubhouse state that Kemp has a sprained ankle and he will not receive x-rays, nor will he be placed on the disabled list again.  Let's hope the reports are accurate because the Dodgers could really benefit from a Kemp bat like the one seen today.

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