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Friday, June 14, 2013

Guest Post at ThinkBlueLA and Dodgers Suspensions Lighter Than Expected

My guest post is over at  THINKBLUELA.COM today.  On Zack Greinke and the respect he has earned from his teammates.

I was quite surprised to see that no Dodger players received any major suspensions.  I truly believed that Puig was going to be forced to sit for a few games.  I guess the MLB discipline committee looked at the whole picture and figured that getting hit in the face was punishment enough.  Good call MLB.  

I'm still trying to figure out what Eric Hinske did to merit a 5 game suspension.  Perhaps MLB is privy to additional material from Tuesday night's melee.  And Uribe got nothing?  Amazing.  He was leading the charge out of the dugout.

Suspensions handed down were:

Ian Kennedy- 10 games
Eric Hinske- 2 games
Kirk Gibson- 1 game
Gerardo Parra - fined
Miguel Montero- fined

Mark McGwire- 2 games
Skip Schumacher- 2 games
J.P. Howell- 2 games
Ronald Belisario- 1 game
Zack Greinke- fined
Yasiel Puig- fined
Dodgers- fined (for having D.L. players on the field while the brawl ensued.

Also the D-Backs and Dodgers will not be allowed to have players on the D.L. sitting in the dugout for any games this weekend.

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