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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Guys Just Don't Look Right in a Dodger Uniform

photo by Jon SooHoo (L.A. Dodgers)

Some guys just don’t look right in a Dodger uniform.  That was my first thought when photos on twitter appeared of Mark McGwire wearing Dodger blue.  It just looked odd.  I know it shouldn’t.  Mark grew up in the southland and as a Dodger fan, but it just does.  Maybe things will change over time and it’ll not look awkward.  Right now that is the case.  I remember thinking that Torre and Mattingly looked strange in Dodger uniforms at first, and that changed with time.

There are a few that wore Dodger unis that I never could get used to though.  Looking at photos from years past of them hasn’t changed my position.

There was Richie Allen.  A Phillie, Cardinal (for a short time) and Whie Sock.  He looked normal in all those uniforms.  For some reason, he simply looked awkward to me in the Dodger duds for his lone season as a Dodger in 1971.

Then the next year, Allen was traded to the Sox for Tommy John and the Dodgers attempted to replace his big bat in the lineup with former Red and Oriole Frank Robinson.  Again, the future hall of famer didn’t look right in the blue.

Of course the worst match of a player in a Dodger uniform was this future hall of famer.  Is it any wonder that he didn't last a month.  No need to even discuss it.

Years passed and other players that don't quite look right wearing Dodger blue comes to mind.  I won't name their names, (though some of the photos are of baseball cards, so their names are given away).  One thing for certain, they all served the bulk of their careers in other uniforms.

Who comes to mind for you?

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