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Sunday, November 18, 2012

For the Holidays, a Great Dodger Gift Idea

There are coffee table books and then there are Dodger coffee table books.  What I’m about to do is write a review on the ultimate Dodger coffee table book.  This book is so good that I literally can’t get enough of it.   I have had it for a few weeks now and I can’t get over the amazing quality and awesome photographs within it's pages.

Dodgers From Coast to Coast, The Official Visual History of the Dodgers, is Published by Skybox Press.  It was released this off-season and will help us all get through the doldrums of winter following a brutal post season that all of us cringed watching.  Dodgers from Coast to Coast reminds us what the Dodgers are all about and makes us remember that we do follow an amazing franchise that has for the most part written baseball history for over a century.

With a forward penned by Tommy Lasorda and an Introduction by Vin Scully, you don’t get much more “Dodger” than that.  What follows are photos and photos.  Gobs of them.  The shots that you saw once and wished you had framed.  Then there is the dozens of photographs that you’ve never seen before that simply take your breath away.

For example, Orlando Hudson pointing to the sky as he triples to complete the first Dodger cycle in nearly 40 years while jubilant fans behind him raise their arms in triumph knowing they just witnessed history.  It’s a great shot.  A wonderful moment captured that simply tells thousands of tales.  You have it all in one.  A record breaking moment, a Giant fan amongst the sea of blue in a none to happy state, an auxiliary scoreboard telling the tale of the game, and fans in ecstacy enjoying the moment.  This is just one of the amazing photos that you will see in this book that will give hours and hours of enjoyment to the loyal Dodger fan.

There are the great Dodger moments, the historical photos, the events captured that you always wished you could find.  The obscure events that are interesting side stories.  The Brooklyn days.  Pre Ebbets Field.  Ebbets Field from construction to demolition.  The Coliseum years and Dodger Stadium Construction to today’s refurbishing.

Black and white to high definition color.  Blurry figures to crystal clear.  You name it, its there.  Red Barber to Vin.  And the stories, oh the stories.  Casey Stengel and the bird, the Babe and Leo the Lip’s feud. Larry Macphail to Branch Rickey to Buzzie, Al Campanis, Fred Claire and so on.

There is essentially a pictoral history of how the game was integrated.  Those classic Sandy Koufax poses.  The winning celebrations.  Those dreary moments of defeat. The cascade of lights at the Coliseum to pay tribute to Campy.

Dodgers From Coast to Coast is the equivalent in enjoyment as Jon Weisman’s 100 things Every Dodger Fan Should Do Before They Die, but this time, it’s in pictures.  And there are the short stories by those that were there taking part in history.  Roger Kahn, Wally Moon, Tommy Davis, Wes Parker, Ron Cey, Steve Yeager, Steve Sax, Roy Gleason, Mike Scoiscia, Eric Karros, Shawn Green, Ken Gurnick, and others.

I don’t know what else to say other than, what are you waiting for?  Order it.  You will not regret it.

How to Order

CLICK THIS LINK HERE to the site where you can order the book.  Cost is $40.00 but believe me, it is well worth it.  Dodgers From Coast to Coast is the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for the ultimate Dodger fan out there.  When ordering, in the promo be sure to input  "DGRBLG."   After shipping, you are looking at a cost in the neighborhood of $47.50.

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