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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dee Gordon...the Good and the Bad

(Photo: Los Tigres de Licey, team website)
In a small sample of Winter League games, we have some numbers on how Dee Gordon is performing. Through nineteen dates in the Dominican Winter League with the Licey Tigers, Gordon is hitting .329 with an OBP of .402.  He has tripled four times, scored 13 runs and stolen 8 bags in 11 attempts.  This is the kind of offensive output we have hoped for from Gordon.  The old adage “you can’t steal first base” has been the biggest problem as his on base percentage has made putting him at the top a the lineup a big problem.  Most encouraging from this output is that he has drawn seven walks, a pace that is five times better than his normal rate in the majors.

Now for the bad news:  19 games, 9 ERRORS.  Yes, that’s nine including the one committed in last nights ninth inning to cost his club the game in a 5-4 loss.

As the years go by, Dee’s defense seems to have gotten more erratic.  At the end of this season, he looked completely lost out there.  Granted, he was returning from a dislocated thumb in his throwing hand.  I’m hoping that the cause of his problems is that he’s still recovering from the injury, because here we are, with Dee possibly entering his third year of major league service and he’s still a defensive liability out there. 

I know there are many that are thinking the Dee is trade fodder.  I am hoping that isn’t so.  With Gordon’s speed on the base paths and range defensively, I still think he can be a valuable Dodger for years to come.  The thing is, there isn’t much room on the present day roster for him.  If he’s dealt, I’m hoping it's to the American League where he won’t come back and haunt us.

The Dominican League isn't an easy Winter League to thrive in.  Fans are tough.  The competition is very good too.  Gordon did well in the Puerto Rican League two years ago, so it is encouraging to see him do well offensively in the Dominican.  The Liga Dominicana is viewed as the most competitive of all the Caribbean Winter Leagues.

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