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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pat Corrales Joins Dodger Staff & Other Baseball Notes

Pat Corrales was added to the Dodger staff as another Assistant to the general Manager.  It looks like Stan Kasten is adding his favorites to the staff as he had Corrales on his staff during his Atlanta  and Washington days.  Colletti remains in place, but how comfortable can he be with the likes of Gerry Hunsicker, Corrales, Bob Engle and Patrick Guerrero added into the administration mix.  Fewer and fewer Colletti guys inhabit the front office.  If the Dodgers falter early in 2013, look for Colletti's job to be in jeopardy.

What I find surprising is that no team has snatched away Logan White from the Dodgers.  He certainly has deserved a General Manager job somewhere.  I don't know how much longer the Dodgers will be able to retain him with his excellent track record.
In other baseball news:

The Cardinals announced Jahn Mabry as their Major League hitting coach, replacing Mark McGwire.

Dodger minor league pitcher, Jose Dominguez (22), has failed a drug test.  He is suspended for 25 games.  Who is he?  I didn't know myself.  Played at Great Lakes and Chattanooga last season.  He's a right handed pitcher out of the Dominican Republic.  He put up poor numbers at Single A Great Lakes and in 7 innings at Chattanooga, he allowed just one earned run.

Dennis "El Presidente" Martinez has joined the Houston Astros coaching staff as a bullpen coach.

Former Brooklyn Dodgers Joe Pignatano and Ralph Branca were featured at the NBA Brooklyn Nets home opener whose arena is situated very near to where Walter O'Malley wanted to build a domed stadium that would have kept the Dodgers in Brooklyn in 1958.

The Cincinnati Reds are seriously considering putting Aroldis Chapman in their starting rotation.  Don't look now, but Reds reliever Jonathan Broxton will most likely be on the free agent market.  LINKED HERE

Still no word on the Washington Nationals extending Davey Johnson's contract as their manager.  Could his job be on the ropes?

The Angels are completely revamping the look of their pitching staff now that Dan Haren was allowed to walk and Zack Greinke is a free agent.  Look for the Halos to attempt to land a top tier pitcher this off-season if they are unable to re-sign Grienke.

On this election eve I repost Upper Deck Presidential cards that relate to the two candidates on the slate. 

Mitt "Pudge" Romney (reenacting the 1975 Game 6 "Pole Shot")

Barack "Bobby Jenks" Obama (from the 2005 World Series Victory)

May the best candidate win.

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