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Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Ned?

Really Ned?  This team needs Todd Coffey?  Why sign a guy that can only get right handers out (a genuine roogie) for $1.3 million when he has a bullpen already well stocked.  Look at the names: Guerra, Hawksworth, Guerrier, Jansen, Elbert, Lindblom, Belisario, Ely, Eovaldi, and others.
Not exactly the poster child for the svelte physique, Todd Coffey joins the Dodger bullpen
There was no need to shell out another $1.3 million on a guy that arguably shouldn’t even make the team and if he does, will hinder the growth of a kid, (like Lindblom), that belongs in the big leagues.  Colletti is so blinded with the illusion that signing mediocre talent with some major league experience that he has failed to see the big picture and develop legitimate major league prospects that deserve a shot at the big leagues.  Remember when 67 year old Luis Gonzales was signed to play left field?  You do realize that Ned released Jayson Werth that off-season?
Frankly, I’m done.  I’m sure there are those that are asking me why I’m done with this move.  Shouldn’t I have been done when he signed Harang and Capuano instead for shelling out a few more million for Kuroda?  Shouldn’t I have been done when Adam Kennedy was signed when the Dodgers could have picked up Wilson Betemit for a similar 2 year contract like the Orioles did?  Or when he dealt Trayvon Robinson for a double A catcher that has never hit well and is projected to be, at best, a possible major league backup? 
Ned has been General Manager now for six years.  In that tenure he’s made 1 or 2 brilliant moves (e.g.Ethier, ), a lucky move or two that fell in his lap (Manny, Saito), and numerous disasters (Andrew Jones, Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, Juan Uribe, Theriot for Dewitt).  Though he was five years removed from the Giants, he still  admitted that he shed tears of joy when they won the series.  Are you kidding me?  That statement alone should have warranted letting him go.
I am about 90% sure that when the new ownership comes in and Ned is released from his duties as the Dodger G.M., that he’ll return to black and orange land.  Tell me, would you be surprised if that happened?  Ned signed Jack Taschner for heaven’s sake!  He’s still a Giant!
Colletti got his chance and he lucked into some success in ’08 and ’09.  He had the sense to let Logan White do his job.  But I have to say that I give the man very little credit for Dodger success over the years.  They have been successful despite his horrendous moves.  James McDonald and Andrew Lambo for 5 weeks of Octavio Dotel?  Come on!  Throwing in Carlos Santana in exchange for Cleveland paying Blake's salary for a few months?  Ughh!!!

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