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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Andre with an Attitude

In the few personal encounters I have had with Andre Ethier, he has been polite and friendly.  He has been nothing but kind to me when talking with him and I like him, but I must say that the story out of Camelback Ranch of his arrival to camp today is disturbing. 

What is Andre thinking?  The press corp. in Los Angeles is rather tame when compared to some other Major League cities who would have run him out of town for his subpar seasons the last two years.  He arrived at Spring Training with an unfriendly demeanor and total attitude.  All they did was simply ask him routine questions.  Real tough questions.  Controversial stuff like, “How was your winter?” and “How is the knee doing?” 

I don’t understand this guy sometimes.  He whined last year and took his attitude to the press when he claimed the Dodgers were forcing him to play hurt.  Then he got upset when they do their job, which was to simply report the story.  Nobody was out to screw him over.  They just told   Coming in to Spring Training with an attitude isn’t the greatest way to start off the year.  I would say that perhaps Ethier just had a bad day, but he has a history of being an unpredictable and ornery guy.
It’ll be interesting when the eventual inevitable comes and he signs with Boston, Philadelphia or New York.  Dealing with the demanding writers back there will definitely  be a wake up call for Ethier.  Imagine how he’ll be treated by the Red Sox faithful when he continues to hit .220 off of left handers with a .258 OBP while drawing a salary of $12 or $13 million per year.  They will crucify him.  Some guys don’t realize how nice they have things until they depart.
I would suggest that someone have a chat with Ethier, but he’s no kid anymore.  He’s a veteran and a seasoned all-star.  He should know better and he should have learned from his past mistakes.  How dare the writers say “good morning” to him?
 If Frank  McCourt keeps the parking lots, and the parking lots are not under bankruptcy protection, can’t Bryan Stow and his lawyers go after that McCourt entity?  The crime occurred in the lots, where there was insufficient security and lighting.  Perhaps Stow’s attorneys should simply sue BlueLandCo. and abandon a suit against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  BlueLand Co was the only McCourt entity that apparently is in the black and is profiting.


  1. Excellent observation on the parking lot/Bryan Stow tragedy

  2. I'll just concentrate on what Ethier does at the plate. His additude is just part of his personality.