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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tommy Lasorda Youtube Day.

A look back at video clips of the man that inspired the title of this blog.

Here is Tommy the movie star.  In 1982's Police Squad.

Tommy's spanish is BAD! I'll give him this, he isn't afraid to try it.   '86 Interview with Ruben Amaro.


The 1982 Emmy Awards, speaking parts with Russell, Forster, Monday, Yeager, Valenzuela, Neidenfuer.  Really bad TV, but for some reason, I can't stop watching it even beyond the Dodgers participation after 2 minutes.

Countless times Tommy has been a pitchman.  Is there anything he does better?  Sega, Slimfast, MLB of Fox.  You name it, he did it.

I know Tommy can be a grumpy old guy now.  I have seen him angry and cantankerous and even profane at times.  I believe that a combination of old age, the rigors of being in the public eye and the demands from numerous fans.  It all has taken its toll on the man.  But I'll give him this.  He's still out there.   He'll be at the caravans and he'll fly across the world if asked to pitch a message for the Dodgers.  He'll be out there pushing their message until the day he dies.  The day, that happens...it'll be a sad day.  Meanwhile, I'll forever be grateful to the man for the time he took with my wife and I and his overall loyalty and devotion to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Long Live Tommy! 

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