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Friday, February 24, 2012

No Parking Lots? Then It's Time to Move

If the new owner of the Dodgers is unable to purchase the parking lots along with the team and all other Dodger properties, would you be opposed to them leaving Dodger Stadium?
I absolutely love Dodger Stadium.  It is heaven on earth in many respects.  I know it as a magical place with so many enjoyable memories over the years.  There is almost nothing as breath taking as Dodger Stadium at dusk, with the San Gabriel's in the background and mystic colors and luminescent glow as the sky transcends from blue. to orange, to purple, and then the darkness of night.  But I dislike what McCourt has done so much that I’d throw that all away and approve of a move to new digs if we could rid ourselves of the man.  It takes a high level of anger and loathing to get to that position in my mind, but that's where I am.   If the new owner of the Dodgers is unable to purchase the parking lots along with the team, would you be opposed to them leaving Dodger Stadium?
If given a choice, which option would you select:
1 - New owner with deep pockets, but he has to remain at Dodger Stadium with McCourt owning the parking lots.  
2 - New owner that builds a new downtown stadium and moves away from Dodger Stadium rather than being held hostage and have to allow McCourt to collect parking revenues.  
I would go for option two.  The ideal situation would be:
3 -New owner, buys the team and the parking lots who agrees to refurbish 51 year old Dodger Stadium.  
Unfortunately, as evidenced by Caruso/Torre’s withdrawal yesterday, option number three appears to be off the table.
If Frank McCourt continues to collect revenues off of the Dodgers, there is a large segment of fans, (a very large segment in fact), that will have nothing to do with the team. Look at the other blogs, the venom of fans and bloggers is evident.  The man is as despised as any person ever in Los Angeles.  There are many that will give up the Dodgers rather than put more money into McCourt’s coffers. 
Best to leave Frank McCourt with acreage of parking and an empty aging Stadium smack dab in the middle of it.  If Kroneke is striking a deal to buy the team and not the lots, with visions of using McCourt to build a football stadium for his Rams in the parking lot, it'll be a big mistake.  He’ll be extremely surprised at the outcry and opposition to such a maneuver.  

Swap meets and used car sales may be the way of the future for that real estate.  Perhaps Mr. McCourt can gets some ideas from the Wayans brothers in this "In Living Color" clip from Dodger Stadium.


  1. Your option wouldn't work. Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times says that new owner will have to sign a lease through 2030. :(

  2. Hi Roberto, Yikes! If a bidder buys into that...he's really being foolish. How did I miss that? Strike a "NEVER MIND" across my entire post.

  3. I know, I was very disappointed when I read this. Let's just hope everything is part of the sale.

  4. I think that McCourt is holding out until the the team is sold before putting the parking lots up for sale. Or he'll add on the parking lots and ask for a much higher bid. I think that's why the bidders came in, in the first place, knowing that the parking lots were not included. In other words, they had to get their bids in, so that they can be around when the parking lots go up for sale.