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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is There Left to Watch This Season?

Dodger Manager Don Mattingly

I can’t remember a season ever similar to this one.  It has been unlike any other.  Dodger losses don’t tear my heart out like they have in the past.  Tonight’s loss was a perfect example of that.  Don Mattingly managed the game by the book and didn’t bring in Javy Guerra in the ninth because it wasn’t a “save” situation.  Not a smart move in my opinion.  It cost him the game.  

The thing is though, I can’t seem to get worked up over it.    It’s just another loss in an impossible season.  I suppose that  deep down in my gut I knew that there wasn’t much of a chance this year.  I just couldn’t get myself to admit that.  So with 41 games to go, here’s my list of things to root for:
First and foremost, Anybody that is playing the Giants.
Second, Matt Kemp and his pursuit of a 40/40 season.  I almost have to take a double take when I say that because in 1996, I laughed at my Giant fan step-sons as they followed the last place Giants to the last week of the season rooting on Barry Bonds to complete the same feat.  Here I am, 15 years later, doing the same thing.
Third, Clayton Kershaw’s attempt to be the first Dodger 20 game winner since Ramon Martinez in 1991.  Additionally I want to see him lead the league in strikeouts and get another shutout or two, but that magical win number 20 would really be an accomplishment.  Especially because the team is so awful this year.  Interestingly, Fernando Valenzuela’s only 20-win season was during a Dodger losing season too, in 1986.
Fourth, Kirk Gibson’s Arizona Diamondbacks.  So far, so good.  
Fifth, Judge Gross ordering Frank McCourt to sell his asset, the Dodgers.  This is probably the biggest thing to root for.  Unfortunately, with the appeal process and McCourt’s history, I see no end in sight with the litigation.

Justin Sellers
Sixth, Justin Sellers.  This enthusiastic kid is a feel good story for the season.
Seventh, Nathan Eovaldi.  Another prospect coming up through the system that is experiencing early success.  I hope he can keep it up.
Eighth, the return of Jerry Sands and a successful final month on the major league level.
Ninth, defeating the Giants as many times as possible in their final six meetings of the year. 
I close with this Return Tweet from a follower of Mike Petriello at Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness who asked “Would You Trade Juan Uribe for Carlos Zambrano?”
RT@FormosaFountain: @Mike ScosciasTI : “Yes.  Zambrano’s a better hitter.”


  1. Would You Trade Juan Uribe for Carlos Zambrano?” -"Yes. Zambrano’s a better hitter.”

    Too funny.

    Watching Mike MacDougal stink it up on the mound once again really got to me tonight. I know the season has been over for a while, but watching the terrible offense, and the terrible bullpen combo'd up with a rookie manager make rookie mistakes has taken it's toll on me as a Dodger fan. All of this just goes to show how stupid Ned Colletti is and how bad of a businessman Frank McCourt is for hiring him and Mattingly.

    If Matt Kemp is having an MVP-type season and Clayton Kershaw is having a Cy Young-type season, how can this team be so awful?? Because Ned filled in the rest of the roster with garbage. On any other team, Ned would have been fired.

  2. With Mattingly, I'll give him a pass. His moves haven't nearly agitated me as the Torre moves. I don't know though, I just don't seem to get worked up over losses this year. I guess its because my expectations are so low.