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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kershawsome Again (apologies to Jon Weisman, not sure if he has used that term)

Morry Gash/Associated Press

Today was what I look forward to every 5 days or so, a Clayton Kershaw start.  With today’s 5-1 gem against the Brewers, Kershaw now has a 15-5 record.  The possibility of a 20 win season for the young left-hander is reachable.  By my calculations, Kershaw will have 7, possibly 8 starts left, depending on whether Mattingly makes adjustments to give him additional starts when days off come into play.
What follows are the probable starts that remain for Clayton Kershaw:
Tuesday, August 23rd, at St.Louis
Monday, August 29th, vs. San Diego at Dodger Stadium
Saturday, September 3rd, at Atlanta
Thursday, September 8th, at Washington
Tuesday, September 13th, vs. Arizona at Dodger Stadium
Sunday, September 18th, vs. Pittsburgh at Dodger Stadium
Saturday, September 24th,at San Diego
Scott Boehm/Getty Images
There is a day off on the final week of the season, which might mean that Kershaw starts on the final Friday and then goes again on the last game of the season at  Arizona on September 28th.  I think it all depends on Kershaw’s health and the position of the Diamondbacks in the pennant race in the closing days.
From what I see based on the way the rotation turns are, the Giants luck out and fail to face Kershaw again this season.  That’s fortunate for the defending champs and it’s unfortunate for Kershaw since the San Francisco offense is ranked dead last in the National League in runs scored.
Diamondbacks fans may be upset at this turn of events since Kershaw will probably face them twice and not the Giants at all.
Steve Martin (aka Orin Scirvello from Little Shop of Horrors) is not my dentist...just wanted to make sure that was understood

While sitting in my dentists chair today, the conversation got to baseball and eventually the Giants-Dodgers, this blog, etc.  My Giants fan dentist Steve, by the way, is a great guy and conversationalists extraordinaire.   I really enjoy my visits with him every six months.  The conversations get quite engaging while he picks away at my teeth.   I find it frustrating that I can’t always get a word in other than nods and, “Yaahs” and “Uh-huhs.” He said to me that he and his father cracked open a beer in celebration when it was announced that McCourt declared bankruptcy.  My response to him once his hands were free from my mouth and I was given a chance to rinse was, “you don’t know how many of us responded in celebration when bankruptcy was announced and we felt that the end of this crisis may almost be over.”


A good read from Ken Steinhorn over at isportsweb.com, the Dodger week in review.  I wanted to mention Ken's postings in the past and failed to get around to it.  He's an excellent writer and he provides a well-rounded approach to covering the Dodgers.

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