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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dodgers Staying at the Pfister Hotel Again

Milwaukee's Pfsiter Hotel
Today Matt Kemp tweets that the Dodgers are staying at that "haunted hotel" in Milwaukee again.  I can’t believe that they continue to stay at this place year after year.  I did read a report in 2009 that the Dodgers stopped staying at the hotel, but it appears that those plans have since changed and that they have returned to the 118-year old, posh, Pfister Hotel.
Adrian Beltre in his years with the Dodgers reported that he went to bed keeping one eye open and both hands on his bat.   Last year Giant players Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria checked out of the Pfister and found another hotel, both being too spooked to stay.  Twins first baseman Carlos Gomez watched his i-pod go crazy while he took a shower, scaring him so much that he ran to the lobby without his trousers or shoes.   The Florida Marlins had several unidentified players share rooms because of some player’s fears.
Players have reported doors opening and closing, shades being drawn inexplicably, lights flickering, electronics going haywire, voices being heard and ghostly apparitions.
Allison Jornlin, a tour operator of haunted history in Milwaukee says that visitors have seen the figure of a heavy-set man, most likely hotel founded, Charles Pfister himself.    “His ghost is thought, usually to behave very well, but MLB players seem to bring out his mischievous side.  Obviously, he’s a Brewers fan,” she says.
Milwaukee Brewers players have been known to say that they have an advantage over opposing clubs because they aren’t well rested coming into Miller Park.  Perhaps there is some truth to that since the Brewers have the Majors best home record, 44-15.  Chuck Pfister must be smiling at that.

Interesting video clip on the Pfister below.

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