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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Really Hate the Trayvon Robinson Deal

As I’ve had time to digest the Trayvon Robinson trade and the more I evaluate it, the more I believe that this may be one of Ned Colletti’s worst moves yet.

Trayvon Robinson dreamed of being a Dodger
There was no reason to deal off probably the best prospect in Triple A.  Robinson had come around.  His OBP was one of the best in the organization, his power numbers had improved, he always has been an excellent defensive outfielder.  It could be argued that he was a 5-tool player.  I fear that years from now we’ll be looking at this trade as we do the Konerko deal or the Santana deal or dare I say the Pedro Martinez deal.
Robinson was a home grown fit.  Perhaps better in center field, but we could have lived with him in left.  He wanted to be a Dodger.  He respected the organization and would have been a beloved player to the fans.  We got cheated out of a player that was going to give us a 100% effort and was going to cherish his time as a Dodger.  Does Colletti really believe that Federowicz is a more valuable commodity than Robinson?  Are we so desperate for a catcher ranked as the 22nd best prospect in the Red Sox organization that he had to deal off the number 1 or 2 player of our farm system?  Couldn’t other players have sufficed?  
I was actually looking forward to the trade deadline and being sellers at the deadline.  What a mistake that was.  Whether Colletti is a buyer or a seller, he gets his pocket picked.  Aside from the Ethier deal, his first as a Dodger, Colletti has been fleeced in deal after deal.  I have tried to give Ned the benefit of the doubt over the years, but the Dotel deal last year and now this one are just out and out stupid moves, each in the late minutes of the 11th hour of the trade deadline.

It has been a five year run.  Time to let Colletti go.  

I was going to mention that Colletti has contradicted his position on Trayvon Robinson over the last year, but Kenny Shulsen over at Lasorda's Lair beat me to it.  LINKED HERE  Take a look at his take of the situation.  Colletti had very positive things to say about Robinson's development last year.   Now, as he really came into his own this year, I wonder what changed in Colletti's mind.  Did he have a change of opinion or was he lying to us?
In a year where everything has gone south, from ownership, to injuries, to roster moves.  I thought this trade was the culmination of all things that go wrong.  That was until De La Rosa tore up his elbow and will require TJ surgery.  Now Giant fans are even feeling sorry for us.   LINKED HERE  It doesn’t get any more pathetic than that.
From the moment that McCourt announced the pending divorce to interrupt the 2009 NLCS, this organization has been hammered with devastation ever since.  I see no hope until Colletti is given his walking papers and McCourt is forced to sell.  It just looks so bleak right now.

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