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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Luckless Dodgers Attempt to Right Ship Tonight Against Rocks

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.  Last night's game was one of those frustrating unfortunate contests where the Dodgers simply couldn't buy any luck.  When you look at the 10-0 loss to Colorado last night, it’s easy to say that it was a forgettable blowout loss.  I know I quickly deleted it from my DVR as soon as it was over.  I wanted to put the memory of that loss in my rear view mirror.  The funny thing is that with a break or two here or there, it could have been a Dodger win.  This was a game where NOTHING broke in the Dodgers favor.

Josh Beckett, in his Dodger debut, pitched well (photo by Joe Mahoney/AP)

For example:

1st inning:  With two outs Matt Kemp doubles to right center.  It would have been a homer in most parks, but not in Colorado where right center field fence is about 790 feet.  The Kemp double was followed by an Adrian Gonzalez blast to right field.  It was an “at-’em” ball that was completely tattooed, right into the outstretched glove of Rockies right fielder Andrew Brown, who made a fine spinning catch.  Instead of a 1-0 lead with Hanley Ramirez coming up, Jeff Francis escaped the top frame without giving up a run.

2nd inning: After the Rockies scored on a Tyler Colvin blast in the 1st, the Dodgers led off the inning with their own.  Hanley Ramirez flied out on a 410 foot shot to left center field.  Again, just missing another homer.  With a decent break or two, the Dodgers should have had 3 runs by then, instead they remained scoreless.

Shane Vicotrino strikes out in the fifth inning after slashing a fould ball down the third base line by inches (photo by Joe Mahoney/AP)
5th inning: With the Dodgers trailing 2-0, Luis Cruz singled and then A.J. Ellis ripped a Jeff Francis change-up to the left field wall.  It was a line drive that missed clearing the fence by about a foot. It was a frustrating hit as Luis Cruz couldn't score from first because the ball was hit so hard.   Had the breaks gone the Dodgers way, it’s a 2-run homer.  Instead the Dodgers had men on second and third and after Josh Beckett struck out, Shane Victorino scorced a ground ball down the third base line that  was foul by inches.  That would have scored both runners easily, but since things weren't breaking the Dodgers way, it’ wasa loud strike.  Victorino eventually struck out to end the inning.

So there you have it:  with a few breaks going their way, the Dodgers would have had about 4 or 5 runs to give Josh Beckett, who was pitching very well.  From there, who knows how things would have turned out?

We are looking at a frustrated Dodger team that left 16 men on base in a very winnable game on Sunday and one that couldn’t catch a break in Monday’s game.  Baseball is a game of inches and one that can turn on a moment’s notice.  This veteran team, now made up of 8 out of 25 that weren’t even in a Dodger uniform as little as a month ago, is going to have to reach down deep to right this ship.  These are crucial games against sub .500 teams that should be beaten.  As the Giants go to Houston and Chicago for 6 games, the Dodgers need to hold serve, because it doesn’t look like help is coming their way.

Chris Capuano starts against the Rocks tonight as the Dodgers attempt to get things righted.  It's as important a game for Capuano as he's had this season.  Capuano is coming off a painful loss to the Giants last Wednesday and he has his work cut out for him as the Rockies have an 15-11 record in August and have won seven of their last nine.  Joe Blanton takes the hill the following night looking for his first Dodger win.  Things don't look good for him.  First because it's in Colorado and second because he leads the league in surrendering home runs.  Blanton could really win the favor of fans by pitching the game of his life Wednesday and turning things around.


I posted an article over at ThinkBlue LA.com on the current Dodgers and their status at each position, contract by contract.  Linked HERE

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