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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Done Deal, 2:30 PM Press Conference at Dodger Stadium

Nick Punto, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez are on a private jet en-route to Los Angeles right now.  All major media outlets are announcing that the deal is done.  The Dodgers will have them in uniform tonight.  No word on a press conference.  ESPN News just announced that Gonzalez will wear number 23 and start at first base tonight.  It is unsure when Josh Beckett makes a start, (he was scheduled to start for Boston today).

Nick Punto Tweet pic showing Beckett, Gonzalez and Punto on the private jet on their way to Los Angeles.

The Dodgers will need to make a roster move or two.  A-GON will take Loney's spot, but Alex Castellanos, who was just called up to take DeLaRosa's spot may be the odd man out and optioned back to AAA to put Punto on the 25 man roster.  As far as Beckett, Shawn Tolleson may be jettisoned off to Albuquerque for a few days until the September 1st roster expansion.

The blogs are going nuts.   I suggest that the entire blog roll be read.  Everyone has interesting insight.  MLB Network is running a special edition covering the trade.

I was particularly interested in Dusty Baker's comments where he mentioned that Magic Johnson and Stan Kasten have changed the whole perception of the Dodgers and the National League won't be the same.  Baker said he stood at the batting cage and he and Billy Hatcher were calculating what the Dodgers payroll is and they are blown away by the numbers.

Just as I was writing this update, an email came in from the Dodgers announcing that Stan Kasten, Magic Johnson and Ned Colletti are conducting a 2:30 pm press conference.  So more information will soon be coming.

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