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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween....eh, Who Cares?

From Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 28, 2011 on Duke Snider:
The team was holding a rookie seminar at Dodger Stadium, and Snider, although ailing and confined to a wheelchair, traveled from San Diego to talk to the kids.
"You have to learn to hate Halloween," he told the wide-eyed youngsters.
One of them had the nerve to ask why.
"Giants colors," he said.
Miss you Duke.  A rock in every Giant fan kids bag in your memory. Yes, Charlie Brown is a Giants fan.  Evidence provided below.

Peanuts creator Charles Shultz, a Santa Rosa resident, was a big Giants fan.  Take a look at this Peanuts comic strip from 1962, after the Giants lost the World Series.
The last panel is Charlie Brown screaming, "Why Couldn't McCovey have hit the ball
just three feet higher?"
So that means that Charlie Brown had to wait another 48 years before the Giants finally won a World Series, meaning that he's about 59-60 years old today.  I thought one of those yahoos tearing up the City by the Bay last year looked a bit familiar.  I'm pretty sure he's the Rally Pumpkin.


In the spirit of Halloween.  Here's one of my favorite YouTube videos.  My apologies to the Doobie Brothers.

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  1. Evan, I inherited a trove of old Topps baseball cards from my oldest brother in 1972. There was a wonderful bunch of Dodgers in this vintage 50's/60's group. The Duke, Drysdale, Campy, etc., were among my absolute favorites. It's as if I grew up half Dodger/Twins fanatic. Sorry those guys are all gone, time is indeed marching on. Sure enjoy your site!