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Friday, October 14, 2011

Overseas Quick Post - I'll Be Back Home Tomorrow

Greetings from El Salvador where I have just finished up my week of work and will soon be boarding a plane for the U.S. again.  Unfortunately, work kept me very busy and torrential rain storms didn't allow me to go out and sight see.

View of volcano from the balcony of my hotel room at the Crowne Plaza, San Salvador

Tonight I was able to see that late innings of St.Louis' win over the Brewers.  I just shake my head at how far the Cardinals have come.  We cleaned their clock with a 3 game sweep in St. Louis in late August.  I actually remember thinking that I kind of felt sorry for Furcal, who was traded to the Gateway the the West, only to see them fall far short of the playoffs.  When the Dodgers left St. Louis on August 24th, the Cards were 10  games out for a playoff spot and they looked dead in the water.  Now they are one game away from the Fall Classic.  If only the Dodgers had made some moves earlier and played more of the kids early on, could we possibly be looking at a Dodger team in their position?

As I look over the blog roll and review recent postings from my favorite blogs, its easy to note that these days are relatively weak with regard to Dodger news, but I am thinking more and more about heading to the Southland on November 5th for the Frank and Sons 1981 Dodger World Series reunion event.  What a fantastic opportunity to meet so many from the World Championship team.  If you are willing to break the bank, you can walk away with some treasured items of Dodger Memorabilia.

It is near midnight here and I have a 4:30 am wake up call in order to catch a shuttle to the airport for my early morning flight, so I'll close up.  A Ranger-Cardinal World Series looks to be quite probable.  I never saw that come last April.

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