Opinion of Kingman's Performance

Monday, March 31, 2014

Overraction City

So Brian Wilson blew a game.  Whoopty-Do.  You've got fans in a panicked state, ready to dump him already.  "We have another Brandon League situation" they say?  "He's over the hill."  "Maybe he's injured."  The sky is falling.  "He must..." (heaven forbid) "shave off that beard."

Really? We're gonna play that game on the third contest of the season?  Sure it was disappointing that Wilson blew the game and ruined what was an amazing seven frames by Hyun-Jin Ryu.  I've got news for you though.  Nobody feels worse about it than Wilson.  Nobody knows he imploded more than the bearded one.  He also knows that an inch here, another inch there and he strikes out a few batters and retires the side.

(photo by Getty Images)
Baseball veterans know there will be days like that.  Days when nothing goes right.  Days when you just want to dig a hole under the mound and retreat to it.  Brian Wilson will rebound and he'll be a big contributor to the Dodgers championship run.  His stuff is too good.  His veteran savvy will surface.   Fact was, it surfaced last night after he retreated from the game.  Rather than hang his head and throw a tantrum in the clubhouse, he sat on the bench and talked things through with Rick Honeycutt.  He was already working on his next outing.

That's a veteran for you.  That's a player that knows he'll rebound.  That's a guy that will come back because he's the type of pitcher that has done it before and he'll do it again.

And for those that hate the saying "it's still early," I've got knows for you.  It's not only still early, it's more than early.  The season is earlier than the first trimester.  It's "pre-early."  It's ludicrous to think otherwise. In September nobody will remember this Brian Wilson implosion because there will have been about 30 or 40 other ones by various players.  That's what happens over 162.

Oh, yeah...and the offense didn't help out much.  How come nobody is complaining about that?


  1. OK Evan, take a step back !! Take a Deep Breath !! You are right on all counts !! I myself put more to blame on the defense then I do on Wilson. And the LOB's are going to kill us if we don't figure out how to push runs across !! Wilson is the least of my concerns !!

  2. I am sure there was an overreaction when it was thought to just be a bad outing. All pitchers have those.

    Now that there is a problem with a nerve in his arm it has become a concern. Those nerve issues seem to be difficult to resolve. Although in his neck, Ted Lilly could never get his resolved.

  3. I didn't see this one coming but then again I may have just been in denial

    Let’s hope it nothing major and he can bounce back !!