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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pederson Showing Off His Wares

The signs are there.  That sweet swing from the left side.  The baseball pedigree, and a Dodger one at that.  The arm and defensive range that are on the plus side.  A patient approach at the plate that works counts and collects walks.  A power bat that supercedes what his slender physique shows.  
Joc Pederson launched a 2 run homer in last night's action (photo capture Sportsnet LA)

Add to that an on base percentage that has consistently been between 80 and 100+ percentage points higher that his batting average throughout his minor league career.  He has the reputation as a team leader and a smart player with a baseball IQ that ranks off the charts.  And there’s also speed, base running prowess and a minor league career that shows a player that consistently steals between 24 and 31 bases a season.  

Joc Pederson is too valuable of a commodity to trade away.  This is a player that needs to remain in the organization.  You don’t find players with speed, pop, defensive prowess, and OPS in the .900s in many organizations.  His maturity is showing through in his first full major league camp in spring training.  Take a look at his performances on Saturday.

With the Dodgers playing two split squad games.  Pederson started in both.  Game one was about as ugly for him as could be as he struck out in all three of his at-bats vs. Texas in the morning.  He arrived back at Camelback Ranch and started the evening game in center field in lackluster fashion as a pop fly fell between Joc and Hanley Ramirez on a miscommunication issue.  He later grounded out in his first at bat.  You’d think that the kid would sulk his way through game two and continue on a downward spiral, but he didn’t.  His next plate appearance resulted in a 410 foot double off the top of the centerfield fence.  In his final at bat on the night Pederson blasted a two run shot to the right field berm. 

Four major league outfielders are vying for three spots with the big club.  Pederson's future looks to be a year or two away.  Perhaps one of those proven vets needs to be dealt to make room for the future.  Yesterday we saw a glimpse of what it could be and it the looks of it is very encouraging.


  1. I don't think he will be traded. I agree one of the regulars has to be traded within the next two years. He will be 22 in April so next year may well be his year to make the big club.

    I feel he should play in AAA this year so he plays regularly and comes up if needed. Sitting on the bench with the Dodgers won't help his progress.

  2. Even if they trade Ethier I still think Joc will spend most of 2014 in the minors. If for no other reason he has plenty of options and as Harold mentions he needs to play every day. IMO, Van Slyke has the inside track to a spot on the 25 man this year.