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Sunday, February 16, 2014

SportsNetLA to Launch Soon, If You See It, Please Let Us Know What It Looks Like

In nine days,  SportsNetLA begins to air with continuos Dodger programming and at this moment the majority of us won't be able to see it.  In this time of year where we are super eager for Dodger baseball after enduring over four months without it, they dangle this delicious plate of filet mignon before our starving senses and yank it back by saying" "if we want it to send an email to our provider to demand our Dodger baseball."   It's a cruel, cruel thing to do.

So far the Time Warner begging strategy isn't working too well.  There's not even a hint that one provider is acquiescing to the demands of the Dodger starved public and adding the channel to their subscription package, but I did my part anyway.

I sent the email out to DirecTV.  In fact, I did so twice.  Then I sent one on behalf of every person in my household, (even the Giant fan).  And the result is nothing.  Crickets chirping.  All I read are announcements coming from the Dodgers and Time Warner that the launch is happening on Feb. 25th.  That's it.  I get NESN for the Red Sox, and I get the Yankees YES channel in my package.  No sign of the Dodger channel being added.

Now I'm not well versed on who has access to what, but from what I've read regarding the proposed Time Warner/Comcast merger, Time Warner's current cable subscriptions make up about 12% of the nation's households.  I'm unsure that percentage holds up in the southland,  but let's assume that the breakdown is similar in the LA area.  If so, that leaves about 88% of Dodger fan households in a lurch to see the channel.  I'm wondering where's the outrage?  Is it because fans think they'll be able to se the channel through internet streaming?  If they think so they're wrong.

New lineup to be seen on SportsNetLA (photo credit:  Dodger Insider )
So far there aren't plans in place to allow us to watch SportsNetLA on the web.  So we keep waiting and the launch date is getting nearer and nearer.  Perhaps the strategy is to make us suffer and then demand for the channel will get other providers to see that many cable subscribers are unhappy.  Not the greatest marketing strategy in my opinion, but perhaps the only one in play at the moment.

I'm not trying to be difficult here.  I think it's safe to say that things will be worked out eventually.  There's too much at stake here for this channel to launch with very few being able to view it and maybe I'm way off base with my panicked take on the whole thing.  Just color me concerned at the moment.  I hate it when things like this are delayed into the 11th hour.

So for those 12% of you, enjoy the shows.  And let us all know what the announced shows titled "Backstage Dodgers," "LeadOff LA,"  and "Dodger's Clubhouse" look like.  Maybe you can film a few and post them on YouTube too.  Just hold the camera steady, keep the dog from barking and ask Uncle Joe to not step in front of the TV too much.    


  1. Great take. I feel the same. It is like they are hanging a carrot just out of reach, and teasing us with it. I feel the Dodgers have a responsibility to their fans to see that the channel is available to everyone. Anything else is cruel.

  2. Looks like I'll be watching my games at the office. We have Dish at the house and not going to change. But we've always had TWC at the office for the better internet speeds one can get from cable vs DSL. So the wife might be missing me a bit this season unless Dish makes a deal that is.