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Monday, September 30, 2013

Random Post-Season Stuff on Off Day # 1

The Braves haven’t faced Clayton Kershaw at all in over two years.  The last time it was on September 4, 2011, a game that the Braves won 4-3 at Turner Field.  Kershaw didn’t get a decision.  He went seven innings, allowed eight hits and three runs, (two earned).  He also struck out 10.  The bullpen coughed up the game in the bottom of the 9th.

Kershaw will be facing a completely different Braves team that now has Freeman, Simmons, Chris Johnson, the Upton brothers, Heyward and Gattis. All players that were not facing Kershaw in that game two years ago.  One player currently on the roster that factored heavily in the game was reserve outfielder Jose Costanza who went 2 for 4 with an RBI and 2 runs scored.  This was the only game that Clayton has ever pitched at Turner Field in his career.

The last time Kershaw pitched at Turner Field, the Dodger lineup was quite different (photo by Joe Murphy /Getty Images)

Note that the Dodger team has changed substantially since that game too.  Dodger starters in it included Gordon, Loney, Kemp, Juan Rivera, Miles, Ethier, Barajas and Sellers.  What a difference two years can make.  The Dodgers don’t have one returning starter unless Ethier is able to return from injury for Thursday’s game.

If you are still in the doldrums after the Dodgers finished off the season on a sour note, this piece (LINKED HERE) by Mike Petriello at MSTI will lift your spirits.  Petriello completes an analysis of all facets of the Braves, position by position and guess what?  They have a lot of problems.

If you are concerned about Yasiel Puig possibly playing some center field in this series, just wait until you see the gifs provided of Evan Gattis trying to play left field.  The Braves are nuts if they start him out there but they probably will because B.J. Upton is so awful offensively.


What a performance by David Price and Evan Longoria of the Rays tonight in their “play-in” 4-2 victory at Texas.  Those are two players that would really fit in well on the Dodger roster.

Price’s defense rivales that of Clayton Kershaw.  Two pick offs and that bunt fielded and fed with his glove hand?  Simply amazing, and clutch plays at that.  Longoria’s bat almost single-handedly advanced his team to the wild card game.  They’re both great players.  It’s completely understandable why Tampa locked up Longoria through 2023 (when he’ll be 37 years old).  Tampa owes him $136 million up until that time, a deal that might turn out to be a bargain with the prices contracts are going for these days.   Who knows?  Maybe one day they’ll want to rid themselves of that contract.

Price is arbitration eligible after this season and not a free agent until 2016.  Look for him to land near $15 million in the arbitration process this off-season if not more.  His representative has to be mighty happy with his performance today to keep his team alive.


On Braves fans...

I don’t get this bunch.  For years when their team dominated the National League, they took that success for granted so much that they couldn’t even sell out post-season games.  Then they sing this asinine chant and they flap foam tomahawks in a ridiculous exercise that would be offensive to about 99% of all native americans.  I get team spirit and all, but the exercise is childish and old.  Aside from old chief Nocahoma from years ago, I don’t think you’ll find a Native American within miles of Turner Field.  

Ah, might as well get used to it.


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