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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Giants With Something to Play For

Back in March, I felt rather fortunate that through the season ticket draw I participate in, I landed the final two Dodger-Giant games at AT&T Park.   I’m happy to say they are rather meaningless games for the Dodgers, who are playing out the string until post-season play resumes.  Up here in Giant-Land, there isn’t much talk at all about their Giants as their season comes to a close.
Yes, there was a little bit of gloating last weekend when they spoiled the Dodgers home field celebration of the division championship, but for the most part, sports talk around these parts has moved on to football.  With the recent failures of the 49ers, the sports scene is rather gloomy at the moment.
The Giants, however, do have something to play for.  Or perhaps, it is better said that they have something to not play for: A top ten pick in next year’s first year player draft.
With the standings as they are, the defending champs are on the bubble and could pick as low as 7th but with a strong finish they could end up with a selection as high as 14th.
The draft order based on today's standings are as follows:
1 - Houston                         51-106
2 - Miami                             58-99
3 - ChiSox                            62-94
4 - ChiCubs                          65-92
5 - Minnesota                    66-90
6 - Seattle                            68-89
7 - Milwaukee                   70-86
8 - Colorado                        71-86
Tie 9 - Philadelphia          71-85
Tie 9 - NY Mets                  71-85
Tie 9 -Toronto                    71-85
(Note:  the 11th selection in the draft goes to Toronto due to their failure to sign last year’s 1stround pick)
13 - San Francisco             72-84
14 - San Diego                    73-83

So the Giants can determine their own destiny in next year’s draft without hardly anyone noticing.  Essentially they should play a bunch of minor leaguers and see how they fair in the majors.  They have no obligation to play their front line guys because the division is already settled.  Judging from the starting lineup produced tonight and the starting pitchers lined up to pitch in this series, there appears to be no intention for San Francisco to go through the motions.  It would probably be in their best interest to not do well.  A number 7 pick would be quite a prize for the defending champions.

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