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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Night Game Time Musings

I’m still not convinced things have turned around.  Winning two of three from the lowly Marlins isn’t anything to get excited about, but it’s a start.  Now if they take this series from the Nationals, I might feel differently.  

79% of the season has yet to be played.  What the ball club needs to do is not pay any attention to the standings.  Just go out there and pay attention to the cliches.  Play one game at a time and get the winning ways moving forward.  Standing at six games under .500, the first benchmark goal should be to get over the break even mark, from there, picking off each team ahead of them little by little.

‘Tommy Lasorda used to tell his team to try to gain a game in the standings each week.  It’s a reasonable approach to take in those marathon season these teams play.  These guys just need to stay within striking distance for when everyone returns from injury.


With Josh Beckett pitching tonight.  Expect a three and a half to four hour game.  He's the second coming of the human rain delay.


I don’t know about you, but the Adrian Gonzalez injury is a concern.  He hurts when he runs, fields, throws, and catches.  The only time he isn’t in pain is while he swings the bat, which explains his .350+ batting average since the injury, but necks are fickle things and tough to heal.  Let’s hope that the training staff can work some magic and get that thing under control so he can be 100% healthy again.

I find it annoying that the Dodgers play the opening notes of Beethoven's 5th Symphony every time a pitcher strikes someone out.  That is it supposed to mean?  Do the opening notes spell some sort of doom for the opposing offense?  Get rid of the track, it's already worn out its welcome.


I mentioned it, ad nauseum, over at the TBLA.com message board, but I'll say it again.  If fans had their way and Brandon League was removed from the closer's spot, that won't necessarily mean things will improve.  Jansen needs to be inserted into the game at the most crucial spot for the best relief pitcher.  That doesn't always equate to the ninth inning to close out the game.  Just my opinion.


I guess the Dodgers had no choice, but on their website they announce that they have eight players on the All Star ballot, and one of the players noted is .088 hitting Luis Cruz.  I guess it would be a little too obvious if they failed to mention Cruz amongst the other seven players.  What an embarrassment Cruz has turned out to be.

Today at work I received some inter-office correspondence in two sealed secure envelopea.  Marked as confidential and “to be opened only by addressee.”    I was curious what it was.  Double sealed as if it contained a confidential file or a series of safe combinations that are required to be secured.  After opening the second envelope I found this

Smart aleck Giants fan, highlighted the Dodgers last place position in the standings and wrote, "This is what $240 million gets you."    I long for the day that the earth returns to it’s proper axis and the Dodgers are back where they belong in first place.  This is brutal!  And I can't even address it 'cuz it was sent anonymously.

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