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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Bruising Defeat

Does it get any lower than this?

Two very winnable games handed at Atlanta.  The bullpen ace blowing it tonight and a porous defense the night before.  Chris Capuano pitched an inspiring 7 1/3 innings only to see it all go up in smoke when the first batter Jansen faces (pinch hitter Evan Gattis) homers to left.

Chris Capuano deserved a better fate (photo by John Bazemore/Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Fundamentals.  Simple baseball fundamentals.  They are supposed to be known by players on the big league level.  The Dodgers failures to adhere to basic fundamentals is costing this team games.  Do we blame the coaching staff for that?  How in the world can Dee Gordon be sacrificed to second, when he can steal it alone.  Then he makes the third out at third base by making an ill advised attempted steal of third with Matt Kemp at the plate.

That was pathetic in my view, but so goes the 2013 season so far.  The only thing missing was someone didn’t land on the disabled list tonight.

Any good news? 

Capuano, who looked crest-fallen by the implosion in the 8th.

Most of the bullpen was rested.

Not much else.  Oh yeah, Mark Ellis played 7 innings of injury free ball at Chattanooga. (0 for 3, a walk, a strikeout, a run scored and he turned two double plays).  Maybe he returns to the squad tomorrow and the club can release Luis Cruz.

The Dodgers collected two hits on the night in a masterpiece pitched by Kris Medlen.  The Braves go for the sweep tomorrow against Matt Magill.  Can we have some offense infused into the lineup tomorrow?  Perhaps a start by Scott Van Slyke would do some good.  This is brutal folks!

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