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Friday, May 3, 2013

LOB City

They call the Clippers “Lob City,” but let me tell you, the Los Angeles Dodgers are the true LOB city team.  In a game in which the Dodgers led off the inning with the leadoff man  reaching 6 times (and the second batter reaching twice), they only punched through 1 run on the night.  Making matters worse, Hanley Ramirez was gunned out at third base in the fifth inning and in the process he appears to have pulled a hamstring and be headed for the Disabled List again.

A.J. Ellis is cut down at the plate in second inning of action (photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Of course the classy Giants fans cheered in glee as he was helped off the field, endearing Dodger fans to their fan base even more than normal.

The Dodgers are snakebit with injuries.  Mattingly’s bench was limited as the team could not use Mark Ellis, Adrian Gonzalez and could only use Carl Crawford in an extremely limited role.

I stared at the Dodger defensive alignment of an infield made up of Hairston, Punto, Sellers and Cruz and with Schumacher in left field and realized that that club is really in sorry shape.  Luis Cruz is so lost out there that I'm amazed he can even find home plate, even moreso than ever as he came up in at least three crucial situations and went down on strikes twice and grounding into a double play the other time.  He was a great story last year but he is what he is, and that's not a Major Leaguer.  It's time to cut bait and let Cruz walk.  DFA him and if another team picks him up, it's no great loss.  Justin Sellers was a boy against men when facing Giant relievers.  He's a nice guy and all and he gives it his all, but he doesn't belong in the big leagues.

Hanley pulls up lame after being thrown out at third base. (photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Look for a series of call ups to be announced soon as the Dodgers can’t possibly continue fielding a team with so many injured players that are simply floating amongst the 25 that can’t play.  Alfredo Amezaga  Dee Gordon, Scott Van Slyke,  Alex Castellanos.   Dare I say it? Yes, here it comes, I can't help it...Yasiel Puig.
What do they have to lose?  If Crawford can't go, why not?  Another possible injury risk I suppose but it's not as if things can get much worse.

With the Giants donning their Orange Friday “Throw-up” jerseys, they won it in the bottom of the 9th with a Buster Posey homer off Ronald Belisario.  Enough said.  It absolutely isn't a fun time being a Dodger fan at the moment.  Oh, and Clayton Kershaw had a no-hitter through five and fought through a very difficult evening in which Joe West refused to call any of his curveballs as strikes.  Had he got some calls, he wouldn't have given up a run and had the  high pitch total, but Cowboy Joe is a legend in his own mind and a constant Dodger nemesis who will haunt this club until he retires.  It was a frustrating night, for everyone on the good guys side.  It looks like Matt Magill gets the ball tomorrow night.  Poor kid.

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