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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Romano Jersey Is Here!

Jason Romano, calling his shot during Dodger Stadium action (photo by Jill Weisleder/Dodgers)

Well it arrived today. The crown jewel of Dodger memorabilia.  The absolutely greatest piece of baseball collectibles that I have ever had the pleasure of owning.  A true piece of history.  The Holy Grail of jerseys.  I could not believe that it was available for auction.  At a mere pittance on eBay, ($50), I received my official game used 2003 road Jason Romano Dodger jersey.

eBay auction-Game Used Dodgers Jason Romano jersey-an amazing find

You said what?  You don’t know who Jason Romano was?  Certainly you jest.

Why he was the most underrated player ever to don a Dodger uniform of course.  The player that single handedly saved Brian Jordan’s life with a left forearm flick.

Back in ’03, Romano was a Dodger message board favorite.  There was a poster on the old Dodger message board that went by  “Romano Fan,” and the guy would defend Jason with every post.   Many of us weren't convinced, even though "Romano Fan's" arguments were very compelling.  Then it happened.  The event that caused an obsession on the board about Romano that reached epic levels.  A man ran on the field towards Brian Jordan.  We knew Jordan was a player that needed defending, the weakling that he was.  Anyway, as the man approached Jordan at a rapid pace, out of nowhere appeared Jason Romano.  He clocked the guy with a left forearm shove that absolutely floored him.  Don't believe me, why it's on video.  Check out the clip below.  First, in real time in the first 3 seconds of the clip.  Then it is replayed in slow motion just before it ends.  It was one of those "Did you get the plate number of the Mack Truck that just hit me?" moments.

After that event, reserve outfielder/infielder Romano achieved “super hero” status on the board.  Message board posters equated Romano to Superman or Spidernan.  Virtually every super hero in the book.  All the nation’s ills could be solved by Jason Romano.  Need to catch Osama Bin Laden? Call Romano.  Need to cure SARS, Romano’s your man.  Fight crime?  Stop a hurricane?  Yep, Romano.  Need a clutch pinch hit? Please, Romano was above that.

Pow!  Impact

On the board, "Romano Fan" even started getting fans on the message board.  Up popped a poster that went by the name of "Romano Fan Fan,"  and some of the most creative posts I ever read were in reference to the great Dodger reserve who we openly complained wasn't getting enough playing time under manager Jim Tracy's leadership.

Fan goes down!

Ben Platt even posted an audio clip of Romano thanking us for our support of him.  I wish I had kept it.  It was a fun time to be a Dodger fan.

And now I own it.  An official Jason Romano jersey.  Game used even.  It looks as good as new.  Not a stain on it.  No rips, tears, pristine condition.  It almost looks brand new.  Wait a minute. HEY!


  1. if only he hadn't been traded to the rays, he could have been part of jim tracy's merry band of ja(y)sons in 2005.

  2. Oh, there was only one "Jason." After Romano, they were all "wannabes."

  3. You get Jason Romano Dodger jersey only $ 50 alone on ebay? Are you sure it's authentic jersey? kaos bola

  4. There is no doubt it's authentic. The velcro insert is between the buttons used to keep the Los Angeles script intact. The stitching is the real thing. Size 46.