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Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Sellblock to "Cell block"

We have seen the news reports.  Justin Sellers was arrested yesterday  in West Sacramento, CA.

If you’re a fringe ball player, deep in the depth chart to crack the roster and even on the bubble to remain on the 40 man squad, wouldn’t it make sense to toe the line and be the hardest working guy in the world, being the best citizen you could be?  How many guys would die to be in Justin Sellers spot?  I simply don’t get that mentality.

Justin Sellers as a ballplayer laid it out on the field.  Who can forget how he went out last season, when he sacrificed his body going all out to make an amazing circus catch diving into the stands in the ninth inning of a tight game to preserve a Dodger victory.  Tommy Lasorda had a policy in place that said a player never lost a roster spot due to injury.  I think that’s a fair way to treat players, but some exceptions should come to mind.  I think that "SellBlock12" becoming "Cell block12"  should be one of them. 
(photo by H. How/Getty Images)
When I read of the story at first I thought , “Oh, well...it was an immature guy popping wheelies on his motorcycle that got caught.  Not that big of a deal."   Jeff Kent broke his wrist doing the same thing when he was a Giant, (or was it washing his truck?  I don’t think we ever knew what the true story of what that was).   But today I read that Sellers was terrorizing a neighborhood with reckless riding activity.  It's a residential area with a lot of kids out.  It is reported that he had been sought by the police for a time.  Making matters worse, there was a police chase involved with his arrest and even helicopters were involved before he had the common sense to give up.

Sellers got caught, and it’ll be interesting if and how he addresses the media.  Will he be contrite?  Will arrogance prevail?  His behavior may cost him a career.    It was a fringe career at best, but for those of us that dreamed of being in his position, (that of playing Major League Baseball), will never understand the stupidity of his actions.

Good bye, Justin.  Thanks for the hustling play and efforts on the field.  Too bad you couldn’t extend those same efforts into being a good citizen.  What a shame.

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  1. Too bad. Young men do dumb things but dumb or not there are consequences. Somehow for young ball players they often don't make the connection between the off season and their baseball season. Young actors can do all kinds of things and keep their jobs.

    A ball player on the fringe has to perform at the top of his game on and off the field as there are so many others after the same spot. At his age Justin may not be picked up by another team as a minor league filler if the Dodgers release him.

    The wheelies are just immature but doing so in residential areas is irresponsible and causing a chase is reprehensible. All those activities carry with them a high risk of serious injury or death for someone.

    I expect Justin will free up a 40 man roster spot unless his name is Ronald Belisario.