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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Umpire Documentary - Thumbs Up

I highly recommend the MLB Network’s one hour special “The Third Team: All Access 2012 World Series.”  It chronicles the 6 umpires that were selected to work the 2012 World Series.  The documentary gives the fans a different perspective of the game, that of the umpires.  It is an interesting hour of television.

I walked away from it with a different opinion of a few of the umpires that were profiled.  One was Dan Iosoggna who I believe has improved dramatically over the years as an official.  During his first year in the league, he ejected Eric Gagne in a game in Montreal that was a complete over-reaction from a young ump that was trying to establish himself in the league.  Today, I think he might be one of the better umpires in the game and it was nice to see him justly rewarded with his first World Series.

Iosoggna made the best call in the series in game number 2 while working home plate.  The play at the plate where Prince Fielder was cut down by a sweeping Posey tag from behind was a great call.  In real time, Fielder looked out from me to you, but it turns out that Iosoggna got the call right.  

The banter between players, managers and umpires was an interesting thing to watch as the Series unfolded.  I won’t give away much more of the show, but I highly recommend it.  The program will replay on Sunday the 30th and and Tuesday, Jan. 1st, both at 4:00 PM PST.  Set your DVRs.   Any negatives?  Yeah, the Giants won the World Series.  Not much that can be done about that.

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  1. Hi! Trying to watch this now! Any idea where I can find a copy?