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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No News in Nashville, Except I Think That Dee is a Goner

The inaction in Nashville with the Dodger delegation has been deafening.  After hours of following twitter for the latest scoops, I’m just about done.  Nothing is going down but the rumors are a-plenty.  If there is any credence to the many rumors out there, it may be time for Dodger fans to accept the fact that Dee Gordon will not continue his career as a Dodger.  Word out of Nashville is that many clubs are inquiring about the speedy error-prone shortstop and that the Dodgers are listening.
I took this photo seconds before Dee Gordon hit his first (and only) Major League home run, a leadoff shot against the Rockies Jhoulys Chacin at Coors Field on May 1, 2012.

Mattingly has already let the world know that Hanley Ramirez will be his shortstop next season and has stressed that he needs reps at shortstop starting in Spring Training  and even the Domincan Winter League in order to get comfortable at the position again.

There are no signs that the Dodgers ever considered converting Gordon to another position as he hasn’t spent any off season playing time in the Dominican at any other spot than shortstop.  Then when playing, he's been error prone again.  Rumors are linking Gordon to the Mets, others to the Mariners.  I don’t know where he’ll end up staying within the Dodger organization, but there is only one place that he’s going and that’s Albuquerque.

My hopes for Gordon have been high for years.  Ever since I saw him standing out on the minor league fields back at Camelback Ranch three years ago.  The kid could fly.  He worked his tail off and everyone was high on him.  As much as I have preached patience with the youngster, it appears that he has actually regressed defensively.  The dislocated wrist on his throwing hand didn’t make matters any better for him.

Gordon touching the plate after that first homer.
I just think that Dee will be one of those players we’ll regret losing as his ceiling is so high.  There’s just so much room for improvement.  I can see him really excelling in the future.  I hope that the cards fall in our favor and we can somehow keep him.  If not, if he ends up in some place like Tampa, Seattle or Minnesota, we won’t feel the impact of the loss.  Someplace where he has a minimal chance at coming back and haunt is most ideal.  Maybe by spinning off Capuano with Gordon to the Mariners, the Dodgers can land a third baseman like Kyle Seager.

Rumors and more rumors.  Getting tired of them, (and I just spread one about Seager).  The longer that Greinke holds out and the more I read about his ex-Dallas Cowboy cheerleader girlfriend, the more I think he’ll end up in Texas.  A Backup plan would be Anibal Sanchez, but Greinke is the best option out there.  Come on Ned, Get it done.

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