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Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 Years Now, A Look Back

It all started on May 14, 1978.  A beat writer that would later become the successor to Yankees legendary Public Address announcer Bob Shepard, by the name of Paul Olden, asked a simple question to 2nd year Dodger Manager Tommy Lasorda.  Cubs’ slugger Dave Kingman had just dismantled the Dodger pitching staff with three homers and 8 RBI’s in a 10-7 Chicago win at Dodger Stadium.  “What was you opinion of Kingman’s performance?” he asked.

I pose with Dave Kingman, June, 2011

Two years ago I started this blogging endeavor in remembrance of Tommy’s responsive tirade and haven’t look back.  

There are very few regrets and a lot of amazing experiences as a result.  I’ve made dozens of new friends in the process and have a deep seated respect for bloggers and beat writers alike.  So with over 115,000 readers and 518 posts (an average of a new post every day and a half), I recall with fondness some of the events that resulted from this blog:

(please feel free to click on the yellow colored links provided that take you back to some of those past articles).

*Became acquainted with dozens of bloggers and persons I highly respect.  Some in person, others through correspondence.  Roberto Baly, Jon Weisman, Ron Cervenka, Eric Stephen, Howard Cole, Ken Steinhorn, Dustin Nosler, Emma Amaya and others.

*Interviewed such Dodger icons as Billy Delury, Sweet Lou Johnson,  Mike Marshall (outfielder) and Walter O'Malley's grandson, Tom Seidler  who spoke of what it was like to grow up in the O'Malley family.

*Was reached out and contacted by relatives of Dodger subjects that I wrote about, such as the son of Brooklyn Dodger bat boy Charlie "The Brow" DiGiovanna (Greg), Jim Brewer’s son (Scott) and Monty Basgall's nephew, Bill.

*Forged a semi-partnership with ThinkBlueLA.com’s Ron Cervenka and in the process, a top quality friendship.

*Met bloggers of other teams such as the Mets and Twins (Michael Busch at ClassicMinnesotaTwins.com) who commented on a post or two of mine and and proceeded to engage in healthy back and forth banter.

*Spent a day with blog followers at the 1st ever Dodger Blogger Softball Tournament  in February, 2012.  (and we even won a game).

*Worked the blogger’s spot at Dodger Stadium with the opportunity to venture into the Dodger locker room and conduct interviews.
My wife Esperanza, sporting the Opinion of Kingman's Performance Softball jersey, at our participation in the February, 2012 1st ever Dodger blogger's softball tournament.

*Attended two “Bloggers Nights” at Dodger Stadium.

*Researched Dodger history on such topics of Sandy Amoros (part one and part two), Charlie Hough, both Mike Marshalls (the '74 Cy Young Award winner), and the All Star outfielder) and some distant but not forgotten Dodgers such as Jim Brewer, Manny Mota, Ken McMullen, Doug Rau, Ron Cey, Vic Davilillo, Wes Parker, and more.  

*Research for blog pieces allowed me to discover that there is awesome archival footage of Jackie Robinson in his last days.  And of Duke Snider and Sal Maglie.

There’s so much more that I’m sure I  am failing to mention.  It has been an amazing two years.   There are days when I have no idea what I’m going to write about and then a reader's comment or tweet triggers a memory or sparks an idea and the post flows. 

We’ve seen the team go through bankruptcy, a Dodger divorce, bidding wars for club ownership and the eventual ownership turnover.  We’ve watched the Dodger organization go from “cash strapped” to being the biggest spenders in the game.

There has been roster turnovers, Bryan Stowe, Giant Championships, blockbuster trades, Stadium Renovations.  What will 2013 bring?  I'm guessing a lot of topics of Dodger interest.  Let's hope a Dodger Pennant or World Series Championship is one of them.

I want to express a heartfelt thank you to all OKP blog readers and commenters.  Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year and Happy holiday season!


  1. That's an impressive resume Evan. I came across your blog by accident. It is one of the blogs I check regularly.

    Tommy's rant was a classic. Interesting how it is that Tommy's tirade triggered your site.

    Merry Christmas, and expect another great year in 2013.

  2. Just wondering if you have ever found that Manny Mota bat?

    1. Sinatra, I found a Mota bat on eBay a while back, but they guy was asking $399 for it. It was autographed and I would like to find one without the signature. I offered $125 and he said "no." So the search continues.

    2. UPDATE: The Mota bat has been located. I bought it on eBay, a game used model and uncracked. Offered $165 for it and it should be arriving in the mail, just in time for my brother's birthday. So I'm replacing it about 35-36 later. An article on that bat will be posted after it arrives.